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Here there be snark.

Yesterday I was giddy with excitement. Today I'm annoyed, irritated, agitated, ready for a couple of stiff drinks . . . but mostly discouraged.

I made the mistake of reading people's comments on the IMDb, on YouTube, on various websites showing the Goats trailer. Yes, I do know I shouldn't read them; yes, I do know it's just their opinions. But I am so tired of reading criticisms of Ewan's accents. Sick to death of it, and I'm not talking about just the Goats trailer now. Sometimes the accent is the ONLY thing people comment about - nothing about his performance, nothing about a film in general, nothing about a particular scene, just the fucking accent. Who cares about the accent? Why is it not the performance or the content of the story that matters to people? That's what I look for. Sure, I've seen films when someone's accent might not be the greatest (the most recent example being Gerard Butler in The Ugly Truth). So what? Duly noted . . . moving on. With each new film of Ewan's I have to try to get beyond how awful these comments make me feel. I wonder if it makes him feel bad as well. I certainly hope not.

I know this is one long me-me-me whine session, but my point is that I long for Ewan to be recognized for what he's DOING, not how he fucking SOUNDS while doing it. Is that too much to ask? Will it never happen? Why has he become the whipping boy for the "oh his accent really sucks" comments? I just find it so incredibly discouraging.

*heavy sigh*

Hello, Mr. Booze, I'll see you shortly.
I normally ignore these comments. I mean, if people have nothing other to say about the ability of an actor, they should keep quiet. But evidently the internet provokes them to spread their trash. Because in daily life no one would listen to it, or would comment it...

I even can't judge his accent. For me he speaks English LOL I can hear when he is speaking Scottish or when he speaks British English, and I can tell when he is speaking American English. But I am not able to judge if he does it right or not. After all I am German...

Don't let your own mood be influenced by these people, hon! We all know what Ewan is able to do. There are a lot of actors out there, who would never be able even to change their roles like him, not to speak about their accent. Or can you imagine an American actor playing a Scottish role?
Or can you imagine an American actor playing a Scottish role?
Johnny Depp (my other favorite) said the Scottish accent was the hardest he's ever had to learn. He played JM Barrie in Finding Neverland if you didn't know.

Don't let your own mood be influenced by these people, hon!
I know I shouldn't. I don't know why I torture myself by reading their comments, or movie reviews. Critics do it too. British critics attacked Ewan over his accent in Cassandra's Dream.

I mean, if people have nothing other to say about the ability of an actor, they should keep quiet.
Absolutely! :D And you're right. The Internet has provided a whole outlet for people to spread their trash. I just have to learn to stop reading it. Grr.

Thank you for your words of support! :o)

He should just be like Sean Connery and not even attempt to do a f**king accent.


It's been getting my goat too!!!
LOL about Sean Connery. He did do that, didn't he?

I just get so damned tired of hearing this accent blather over and over and over . . . Critics do it too. I just wish people would stop going on about that and pay attention to Ewan's acting. I really must stop reading it. I tell myself not to, even as I'm doing it. Then I see red. Grrr. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets irritated.

Thank you for the moral support!
Well, I didn't hear a problem with his accent in the Goats trailer. Those people should try doing a Scottish accent and let the people of Scotland bash them. See how they like it.
I didn't either, I thought he sounded fine. But it's almost like the second some of these types hear him speaking with anything other than his own accent, they have to attack him. They did it with Cassandra's Dream, they did it with Angels & Demons, and every time he's played an American. It's like it's the new popular thing to do: 'Ooh, let's see who can make snarky comments about McGregor's accent first!' It's maddening. I have to stop reading their crap because it makes me crazy.

As I said up above to mokakenobi, Johnny Depp said the Scottish accent was the hardest he's ever had to learn. Just a bit of trivia. :o)
What the hell are they talking about? I didn't notice one thing in the trailer either. My family has been in America for 350 years. He sounds completely American to me. May just be men with little penises who are jealous of Ewan who like to complain? It gets people to read their ignorant blogs if they try to trash him. F*** them. I disagree with Clara. i think Ewan is a genius with all the forms of English accents he can do. The only problem with Deception was that the director spoke English as a 2nd language with a very thick French accent, and therefore was unable to discern if Ewan's American accent was a little off, in order to correct it.

P.S. Ewan in this trailer is absolutely hilarious:

"Jeez, you had the whole desert to drive in, Lyn." ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I read some comments this morning that made my blood boil! I didn't notice anything wrong with his accent I was too busy laughing, quite frankly I don't give a shit what they say any more, I've been reading it for so long it doesn't effect me as badly as it used to!
That said I don't know why he had to do an American accent, I don't know who that journalist is but I've read on a couple of sites the guy is British! *shrugs*
I didn't hear anything wrong with his accent either, I thought he sounded perfectly fine, but every time he doesn't speak with his own accent, the bashers go after him. The critics do it too. They all did it with Cassandra's Dream and Angels & Demons, and they do it every time he plays an American. I'm so sick of it. I wish to god they would stop going on about accents and pay attention to his acting! I really have to stop reading their crap, because it makes me crazy. Grr. Then, when that wears off, I feel so discouraged. *sigh*

Yep, the author of the book is English. I don't know what their thinking was in turning him into an American. Maybe they didn't want the film perceived as the British attacking American military spending? *shrugs* Who knows? I didn't get that impression from reading the book, he just put forth the facts - and some of them were truly frightening. The film is focusing on the ludicrous stuff, like the goats and that fool who thought he could walk through walls if . . . only . . . he . . . concentrated . . . hard enough. Nut job! He was also an officer, if I remember correctly. O_O

When all is said and done, the film looks hilarious, Ewan looks brilliant in it, and I can't wait to see it. :o)
I read a lot on IMDb and I put in my two cents worth whenever they trash Ewan.

There are 50 states in America, and it depends on what area you live in, as to what accent you have. We have many accents.
So what American accent are they complaining about??????

I don't let it get to me, as I know that Ewan is one fine talented actor.
I don't really care how he speaks... He always sounds good to me.
And I don't see why he just doesn't speak in his natural voice.
We have pleanty of Scots, and British people living in the US and I love thier accents, and they don't change them just because they live here.....

There is really no role that Ewan HAS to change his voice for.
It's the directors or producers that have him do it...

I haven't yet read any reviews of the Goats trailer that mentioned his accent, but I am sure some do, or will do.

I think a lot of people are just jealous of how good Ewan is, and want something to complain about...

Excellent point about the American accents - it's not as though there's just one! Sheesh.

They attack Ewan every time he speaks in an accent other than his own. They all went on about his accent in Cassandra's Dream and Angels & Demons too. The critics do it as well. It's maddening. I wish people would focus on his acting! I just HAVE to stop reading this stuff because it makes me crazy. It's exhausting. *sigh*

I totally agree with you. This is the United States, we have loads of people living here who are originally from other countries. There was certainly no reason why Ewan's character in Deception couldn't have been a Scot - especially in New York, for heaven's sake. I still thought his accent was fine, though, and once again I don't see why people had to go on about it.

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*pets and soothes*

There are very few websites/message boards that are worth following regarding movies. I stick to Chud almost exclusively - a lot of us have been there for years and it's usually several clicks higher in intelligence and wit than most sites. RottenTomatoes, Worst Previews, AICN, IMDB, are all notorious for being havens of rampant idiocy. ;) Seriously, check out the nice words Nick (owner of Chud) had for the movie when he posted the trailer (on my LJ). And Nick, rather than being a jerkface poster like these guys, is right now working on a movie in Melbourne with Guy Pearce and Guillermo del Toro. :D You always have to consider the source.

Ewan's accent isn't bad, it's just nondescript. It's regionless. Plus I think he has way more accent to overcome than most realize. I was watching the Deception extras last night, and he said "poor" in his native accent and after listening to him in the movie I couldn't BELIEVE how strong his Scottish sounded. It's way more sharp and pronounced that the more familiar brogue like Gerard Butler's, etc.

I think the movie is going to be great. November 6 can't get here fast enough! And until then, we shall defend and extol Ewan's countless virtues come hell or high water!!! *BIG SALUTE*

Aw, thanks for the moral support, Wyn. *hugs*

I know I shouldn't read their tripe; I know they don't know what they're talking about; I know on IMDb quite often they're teenagers. Still I read it. I don't know why I keep torturing myself. It's not just users, though. Critics do it too. I also read snarky critics' comments about Ewan's accent in Cassandra's Dream and Angels & Demons. I'm amazingly tired of it. I want them to focus on his acting and stop going on about accents! I just get so upset and discouraged by it. *sigh*

I did see the nice comments from CHUD on your journal. Yay! That gave me a good feeling. :o) He's an actor, Nick? (Speaking of Guy Pearce, he's the one who directed the new Sherlock Holmes movie, right? I'm very excited about that one.)

Gerard Butler and Craig Ferguson are from Glasgow. I think they have more of what we would consider the Scottish brogue. Their accents are quite different from Ewan's. I also think all the years he spent living in London affected his accent. I love his very distinctive way of speaking. I love how precise it is, with such wonderful diction. I love the way he says "book." *sigh* Beautiful accent. I wish we got to hear it more often on film. There's no reason in the world why his character in Deception couldn't have been Scottish - especially in New York, for heaven's sake. As I mentioned to the ladies up above, Johnny Depp said the Scottish accent was the most difficult he's ever tried to learn. Consequently, I imagine it's difficult to overcome as well. I think Ewan does a fine job. He always sounds American to me. And anyway, as Char pointed out, it's not as though we have just one American accent, and there are many people here who originally came from other countries. It stands to reason that they would still have their native accents, or at least parts of them.

I agree, I think this movie is going to be fantastic. It looks hilarious in the trailer, and Ewan looks brilliant in it. That Jedi stuff is hysterical. Come on, November 6!

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yeah i totally understand! all the imdb comments usually piss me off lol

but you're right, the accent isnt the main part of the performance, yes it does count for something but it's not everything.
and when you think about it how can an accent really be wrong? even everybody from the same town don't have identical accents so there isnt really one way an accent should sound. im scottish and im pretty sure the people on imdb would say that my scottish accent is terrible LOL
I really must stop reading them, because they're highly irritating!

even everybody from the same town don't have identical accents so there isnt really one way an accent should sound.
Very good point! I don't even sound like my mother or my sister, and we're obviously all from the same town.

Hee! You're right - the "experts" on the IMDb would probably criticize you for not sounding Scottish enough. :D
And he'd sound so sexy saying it too!
No truer words were ever spoken. :D

That thread about Eve being old and ugly is so annoying (not to mention incredibly hurtful - do those fuckwits not realize that HELLO, Eve, Ewan, or Clara might see that shit?!), but the original poster is 15, so there you go. I do know that a lot of the people there are idiots or immature or just plain kids with nothing better to do than to try to rile people up, I do, but it's not just there that I see these nasty comments. They're also on websites showing the trailers, on people's blogs, in critic's reviews - and it's definitely not just this movie. They did it with Cassandra's Dream and Angels & Demons; just about any time he doesn't use his "Obi-Wan English" or a Scottish accent (man, it's a shame he doesn't have more opportunites to speak with his natural accent because it's glorious). It's almost like it's become the latest "in" thing to do. 'Oh boy! I'm gonna be the first one to make a snarky, derogatory comment about McGregor's crap accent.' It's incredibly disheartening.

Jorge keeps telling me to just ignore it, and I know I should, but I have such a hard time when anyone criticizes Ewan, especially over something I consider to be so freaking trivial. I can't speak intelligently about the British accents/dialects, but as far as American accents, Char is right - it's practically different from state to state. We have people living here who came from all over the world. They're all Americans and they all sound different. Hell, I don't even sound like my own sister or my mother! How do these fools know Ewan doesn't sound exactly like my next-door neighbor, or yours? Have they heard every American dialect? I think not. So they don't know what the hell they're talking about. He always sounds American to me when he's doing an American accent. In fact, he was flawless in Stay.

Anyway, sorry! Rant over. I just get so damned irritated. You're right too - he sounds great in the trailer, and he looks dead sexy!!! *ahem* And that Jedi stuff is priceless!

Two lovely martinis (metropolitans) the other night. Woot! :D