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Here there be snark.

Yesterday I was giddy with excitement. Today I'm annoyed, irritated, agitated, ready for a couple of stiff drinks . . . but mostly discouraged.

I made the mistake of reading people's comments on the IMDb, on YouTube, on various websites showing the Goats trailer. Yes, I do know I shouldn't read them; yes, I do know it's just their opinions. But I am so tired of reading criticisms of Ewan's accents. Sick to death of it, and I'm not talking about just the Goats trailer now. Sometimes the accent is the ONLY thing people comment about - nothing about his performance, nothing about a film in general, nothing about a particular scene, just the fucking accent. Who cares about the accent? Why is it not the performance or the content of the story that matters to people? That's what I look for. Sure, I've seen films when someone's accent might not be the greatest (the most recent example being Gerard Butler in The Ugly Truth). So what? Duly noted . . . moving on. With each new film of Ewan's I have to try to get beyond how awful these comments make me feel. I wonder if it makes him feel bad as well. I certainly hope not.

I know this is one long me-me-me whine session, but my point is that I long for Ewan to be recognized for what he's DOING, not how he fucking SOUNDS while doing it. Is that too much to ask? Will it never happen? Why has he become the whipping boy for the "oh his accent really sucks" comments? I just find it so incredibly discouraging.

*heavy sigh*

Hello, Mr. Booze, I'll see you shortly.
Aw, thanks for the moral support, Wyn. *hugs*

I know I shouldn't read their tripe; I know they don't know what they're talking about; I know on IMDb quite often they're teenagers. Still I read it. I don't know why I keep torturing myself. It's not just users, though. Critics do it too. I also read snarky critics' comments about Ewan's accent in Cassandra's Dream and Angels & Demons. I'm amazingly tired of it. I want them to focus on his acting and stop going on about accents! I just get so upset and discouraged by it. *sigh*

I did see the nice comments from CHUD on your journal. Yay! That gave me a good feeling. :o) He's an actor, Nick? (Speaking of Guy Pearce, he's the one who directed the new Sherlock Holmes movie, right? I'm very excited about that one.)

Gerard Butler and Craig Ferguson are from Glasgow. I think they have more of what we would consider the Scottish brogue. Their accents are quite different from Ewan's. I also think all the years he spent living in London affected his accent. I love his very distinctive way of speaking. I love how precise it is, with such wonderful diction. I love the way he says "book." *sigh* Beautiful accent. I wish we got to hear it more often on film. There's no reason in the world why his character in Deception couldn't have been Scottish - especially in New York, for heaven's sake. As I mentioned to the ladies up above, Johnny Depp said the Scottish accent was the most difficult he's ever tried to learn. Consequently, I imagine it's difficult to overcome as well. I think Ewan does a fine job. He always sounds American to me. And anyway, as Char pointed out, it's not as though we have just one American accent, and there are many people here who originally came from other countries. It stands to reason that they would still have their native accents, or at least parts of them.

I agree, I think this movie is going to be fantastic. It looks hilarious in the trailer, and Ewan looks brilliant in it. That Jedi stuff is hysterical. Come on, November 6!

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*pops in randomly*

Actually, the director of the new Sherlock Holmes movie is Guy Ritchie. He did the London caper comedy, Snatch, which became something of a cult classic (and I def recommend). As both a Ritchie and a Holmes fan, I'm also excited for that film to come out!

As for the accent, I noticed a bit of his Scottish heritage creep back into his voice when he chides Clooney's character for hitting a rock, but actually, I thought it was intentional XD; since he sounded so hot.
I have the most ridiculous mental block about those two names, Guy Ritchie and Guy Pearce. I don't know why! I love Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels - one of my all-time faves. Snatch is great too. Guy Pearce was in Memento and LA Confidential, also great. Ha! I've got it now. Probably for the next 10 minutes, then I'll be back to which Guy is it now?? :D

God, I love that scene! 'You had, like, the entire desert to drive in, Lyn.' Too funny!

I hear this accent stuff over and over and over, and I just get worn down and have to spout off. Not that it helps, but there you go.

Thanks for popping in. :o)
Ooh yes, Lock Stock was great too XD. Have you seen RocknRolla? That's one of his more recent ones (with Gerard Butler), which unfortunately didn't get much publicity. I'm in love with Mark Strong in it *points at icon*

Memento was truly unique and one of the best films I've seen. I haven't watched LA Confidential, though.

Hee, their casual banter is soooo cute. I really hope they do the scene in the book where what's-his-name is showing off his weird device by inflicting pain on a yelping Ronson XD;
I did see Rock 'n Rolla, but I can't remember what I thought of it. I'm sure I liked it, though, because I love his style. My memory is pathetic! Ah yes, Mark Strong. He's kind of a chameleon. I've seen him in a few things, and never realized it was the same guy.

I just watched that clip from MWSAG. Too funny - poor Ewan! LOL I don't remember that from the book at all! *see above regarding crap memory* George is just so great at doing these ridiculous things with a completely straight face. You got your wish. :o)
*gasp* You don't remember what it was about?? Okay, well, neither do I honestly when it comes to Ritchie's storylines XD but basically, it involves a London underboss, a Russian billionaire, and a stolen painting. Also, lots of gay. Gay gay gay gay gay. I'm sure you remember Gerard Butler's character having a mega-freakout in the middle of the road when his BFF confesses that their BFF-dom, well, goes a little more than that XD. Mark is something of a chameleon, but I notice he plays the gentleman criminal archetype very well, and that's how he's usually cast. Actually, I rather like his character in RocknRolla (as you can tell from all the icons LOL), since he IMO has the most moral code of the lot. He'll be the villain in the new Holmes movie <3.

You don't?? *gasp* Well, you definitely have to find it. I wish I had the book so I could look up the exact page number. It's somewhere in the middle, I think, before the whole CIA debacle. At the end of the chapter, Lyn threatens to use the eyeball gouging and Ron's just sort of .......*HIDES*