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Here there be snark.

Yesterday I was giddy with excitement. Today I'm annoyed, irritated, agitated, ready for a couple of stiff drinks . . . but mostly discouraged.

I made the mistake of reading people's comments on the IMDb, on YouTube, on various websites showing the Goats trailer. Yes, I do know I shouldn't read them; yes, I do know it's just their opinions. But I am so tired of reading criticisms of Ewan's accents. Sick to death of it, and I'm not talking about just the Goats trailer now. Sometimes the accent is the ONLY thing people comment about - nothing about his performance, nothing about a film in general, nothing about a particular scene, just the fucking accent. Who cares about the accent? Why is it not the performance or the content of the story that matters to people? That's what I look for. Sure, I've seen films when someone's accent might not be the greatest (the most recent example being Gerard Butler in The Ugly Truth). So what? Duly noted . . . moving on. With each new film of Ewan's I have to try to get beyond how awful these comments make me feel. I wonder if it makes him feel bad as well. I certainly hope not.

I know this is one long me-me-me whine session, but my point is that I long for Ewan to be recognized for what he's DOING, not how he fucking SOUNDS while doing it. Is that too much to ask? Will it never happen? Why has he become the whipping boy for the "oh his accent really sucks" comments? I just find it so incredibly discouraging.

*heavy sigh*

Hello, Mr. Booze, I'll see you shortly.
And he'd sound so sexy saying it too!
No truer words were ever spoken. :D

That thread about Eve being old and ugly is so annoying (not to mention incredibly hurtful - do those fuckwits not realize that HELLO, Eve, Ewan, or Clara might see that shit?!), but the original poster is 15, so there you go. I do know that a lot of the people there are idiots or immature or just plain kids with nothing better to do than to try to rile people up, I do, but it's not just there that I see these nasty comments. They're also on websites showing the trailers, on people's blogs, in critic's reviews - and it's definitely not just this movie. They did it with Cassandra's Dream and Angels & Demons; just about any time he doesn't use his "Obi-Wan English" or a Scottish accent (man, it's a shame he doesn't have more opportunites to speak with his natural accent because it's glorious). It's almost like it's become the latest "in" thing to do. 'Oh boy! I'm gonna be the first one to make a snarky, derogatory comment about McGregor's crap accent.' It's incredibly disheartening.

Jorge keeps telling me to just ignore it, and I know I should, but I have such a hard time when anyone criticizes Ewan, especially over something I consider to be so freaking trivial. I can't speak intelligently about the British accents/dialects, but as far as American accents, Char is right - it's practically different from state to state. We have people living here who came from all over the world. They're all Americans and they all sound different. Hell, I don't even sound like my own sister or my mother! How do these fools know Ewan doesn't sound exactly like my next-door neighbor, or yours? Have they heard every American dialect? I think not. So they don't know what the hell they're talking about. He always sounds American to me when he's doing an American accent. In fact, he was flawless in Stay.

Anyway, sorry! Rant over. I just get so damned irritated. You're right too - he sounds great in the trailer, and he looks dead sexy!!! *ahem* And that Jedi stuff is priceless!

Two lovely martinis (metropolitans) the other night. Woot! :D
Luckily, the headaches usually don't kick in if I just have one or two toddies. I can't drink red wine anymore, though, and of course red wine isn't as fattening as white wine. Oh well.

I think Ewan may be using his own accent in Jackboots on Whitehall. I hope so, because that would be so lovely. A non-animated film would obviously be better, but I'll take what I can get, and anyway I love animation, well, puppets in this case, plus I think that film sounds great. Did you see the little piece and pictures on bestofewan.com?

I'm just curious: Were the accents in Fargo realistic? That was North Dakota, right? I think I'm remembering correctly. Great movie. I think Frances McDormand and Steve Buscemi are so great, oh and also William H. Macy.