Good theory. That's right ladies. You can look, you can fantasize, but you can't touch.
you can't touch

But . . . maybe WE can. You know, if we ask really politely. 'Cause we love him. ;o)
I know! He's just so amazingly, stunningly, heartbreakingly beautiful. *sigh*
Such a fathful man, our Ewan is... And thank goodness for that. I wouldn't want him any other way.

But damn, that man can make you want to forget all about what that ring means....
It is only a single wammy for me, as I am not attached to anyone.
So it's just THAT ring that stands in OUR [Ewan's and my] way...LOL

Yea right. Don't I wish~~!!!! :D :D
LOL--- I Do Anika I do--but it's fruitless....
Never happen in a trillion years.
lol great caption for it!

i think i saw pics of him blowing kisses from that boat too

Yes, now that I've seen the other photos, thanks to you mentioning the kiss-blowing, I realize what he was doing. On its own, the photo was a bit of a head scratcher. God, if he blew a kiss to me I'd drop dead. Just swoon and die right on the spot. *sigh*
oh me too! i died just seeing him blowing kisses to someone :P so i dont know what i would be like if it was aimed at me lol