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Men Who Stare at Goats stills and another nice review.

I like the poster:

Of course I love Ewan, but all three of the other actors are huge favorites of mine as well. I'm so excited about seeing them all in the same film. George looks absolutely hilarious in that long wig, and just what is Kevin doing under that chair, and whose legs are those? And Jeff? Well, he'll always and forever be The Dude to me, especially when he looks like this. (By the way, if you don't know, that's his character's name in the Coen Brothers' The Big Lebowski, which is just hysterical.)









Clearly a very chilly morning, but I see Ewan has his coffee to warm him up. :o)

Here's the link to the review, http://www.joblo.com/index.php?id=28477, but I especially like what he said here:
Other than Clooney, the film also features a great supporting cast, led by Ewan McGregor. While he hasn`t done anything really noteworthy over the last few years, McGregor turns out to be an inspired choice for the cynical journalist, who teams up with Clooney's self-proclaimed Jedi Knight- in a neat little reference to his own Jedi past (STAR WARS fans will get a lot of laughs over the numerous STAR WARS jokes).

Great stills Anika---- I am glad this article was favorable with Ewan. Although I sure don't like that it said Ewan hadn't done anything noteworthy of late..
Where have they been hiding---under a rock~!!

Check my journal for a different take on Ewan in Goats.

Thanks for some new pictures..

PS---You sent a comment in Shelby's journal and I got it, plus I posted comments and they are not there.
Then they showed up, and now they are gone again.
Very weird...
Yes, I completely disagree with the 'nothing noteworthy' comment too. I like the rest of what he said, though, and I'm focusing on the positive. I won't read the negative stuff in your journal; sorry. I'll just get all upset again, and I already have a headache.

You're welcome for the pictures.
Thanks for the eye candy, Anika! I so can't wait to see this!

A favorable review, but he HAS so done noteworthy work of late. *raspberry*
You're welcome, Lisa. I'm sooo excited to see it too.

Yeah, agreed. He very definitely has done noteworthy work. You know how they are, though, no one seems able to say something 100% positive. I'm choosing to focus on the positive where I find it, so I don't go off on another rant. ;o)
Sorry about your headache, Anika----.

I did post a favaorable review.

I read the good and the bad..
It upsets me but not enough that I won't read what everyone has to say.

I know in my heart that Ewan is the BEST, and nothing THEY say will change my mind, or upset me enough to make me ill.

I hope your headache goes away very soon...

I did post a favaorable review.
I know. That's the same one I have here. I meant that I can't read the other one.

I hope your headache goes away very soon...
Thank you.
I like the poster graphic. It looks like it's going to be a really amusing movie, and I'm looking forward to it! I'm hoping it'll still be in the theaters when Rose visits me over Thanksgiving. :)
Oh, that would be lovely if you and Rose could see it together! I hope it will still be playing for you.
Thanks for finding these for us Anika! He's really cute in this movie. Sounds like it will be a kooky good time!
You're welcome, Rebecca. I'm glad you liked them. If the movie is half as funny as the trailer, I think we'll be laughing our butts off. ;o)
all great stills. this movie looks SO good! cant wait :D

i dont think i've seen George or Jeff in anything else before (except a couple of ER episodes years ago) but they both seem like lovely guys, im sure they will all do a great job of the film
I can't believe I never responded to your comment, Clare. Not very nice of me!

A couple of great movies to see are O Brother, Where Art Thou? with George Clooney and The Big Lebowski with Jeff Bridges, two of my favorites - especially the second one, which is hilarious. :)
lol dont worry about it ;)

i havent seen either of those films, but after seeing how good george and jeff were in MWSAG i might have to check them out. thanks for the recommendations!
Oh I do love Jon Ronson so I've got to see this. Coincidental link with livejournal here. Jon Ronson once devoted a radio programme to the horrors of internet dating. I emailed him pointing out that the internet wasn't all bad, and sent him a link to the previous found photo group on Livejournal. He replied to me saying that it was very interesting.
Which photos? Not these?

The only thing I've read of his is The Men Who Stare at Goats, but I enjoyed it very much. Some of it was truly frightening, but the film is pretty lighthearted. I loved it; saw it three times, in fact. I'm Ewan McGregor's biggest fan, but everyone is great in it. I hope you like it!