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Matt Damon is a scamp!

Here he explains the reason behind the Italian man stripping off for George Clooney at the press conference. What a bunch George and his buddies are!!

I know! I completely cracked up! I love Matt, he's so funny. :D

You're welcome.
I love when stuff like that gets totally out of hand =D In the most hilarious ways
I thought it was totally hysterical. I love the way Matt told the guy, 'Oh yeah, absolutely,' or whatever, when he had absolutely no idea what the guy was even talking about. ROFL! My hubby is of the opinion that George will plot and get his revenge when Matt is least expecting it. :D
heee!!! I saw that Italian man strip for Clooney! I love the way Matt explains it in accented Itallian! good stuff!
LOL!! I was just watching the clip of that reporter stripping for George. I kept looking for Ewan to see what his reaction was!!

This is hilarious! I love it, and I love that they can have so much fun with it!
Isn't it hysterical?! I died laughing! I saw the clip where the guy stripped too, and it's hilarious to find out what the story was behind that. LOL! My husband thinks George is planning a practical joke to retaliate on Matt and Brad even as we speak. ;D

Hey, I've missed you. Nice to see you back!
LMAO! thanks for the explanation Matt :D so i guess George will know who to blame now lol

thanks for the vid
I guess he will! I died laughing when I heard Matt's story, he's just too funny!

You're welcome, Clare. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D