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There's a change afoot

I've decided I need a default userpic. It's just easier. You all know what that means, though: Every icon in every comment I've ever made since I've been on LJ is going to change to the new default; many comments are going to look like total nonsense without the icon I originally used; I'll look a bit confused. Yeah, okay, that last one is not so unusual for me.

Anyway, just thought I'd warn you.

Here goes . . .

ETA: Woohoo! It would appear I was wrong - they didn't all change. I'm chuffed. :o)
I'm too much of an icon addict to have just one I use =D
Oh God, no, neither could I! The more I have, the more I want. But sometimes I'm lazy and a default is the easy solution to choosing which icon to use. Isn't that pathetic? ;D
Lmao well yes there is that.
And my default changes as much as I add them =P
I can definitely see me doing the same thing. I'm never satisfied when it comes to icons. ;D
Thank you. My first attempt at making my own. :o)

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Are you saying that every icon you have ever used, was always your default? Cause if not, if you specifically chose them for your comments, those won't change.

Only the comments you made without specifying a default!
Hence the beauty of a default and specific ones!

I just changed my default, so my Hey Dude won't appear in a lot of old posts.
Ahh, so that's how it works! No they weren't my default, I specifically chose each one. See, I told you I was confused a lot. ;D I had a default before, then I accidentally deleted it, and I never dared to set another one for fear of all the ones I'd ever used changing.

The way the default works, though, is if I delete an icon, the default will fill in for the one I deleted in the comment I used it in, right? Do you know what I mean? If I were to play around with my userpics, delete the one I have in this comment to you, for example, instead of there just being none, it would change to my new default, right? Heh. This is why I could never be a teacher - I'd just end up confusing everyone! I hope you know what I was trying (not very coherently) to say!

Thanks, Rose. :o)
No, sorry, it doesn't work that way. The default icon is the one associated with your user name and it appears whenever you post without selecting a specific icon. So whatever picture you pick as your default in your userpic list, is the one that will appear in all the cases where you don't select a pic before you post.

If you change the picture you identified as your default, then the new pic you choose for a default will now be the one to appear in all the posts where no other pic has been selected.

So, when you post, if you always select a specific icon, even if that icon is your current default, as long as you select it, then it will stay with that post or comment forever. As long as the pic is in your userpic list. By the same token, all those past posts where you didn't select an icon, the current 'default' pic will be inserted.

Is that clear as mud? *hides face*
Awwwww! you were confused, I'm sorry I didn't really understand what you meant when we were talking default icons the other day, I was confused too LOL *HUGS*

The default icon is useful for when you delete icons, it will replace them.

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Oh, I'm known for confusing people so don't feel bad! LOL. Thank you for wanting to help me, though. *hugs*

I'm glad to know how it works now, and it definitely will, it will be very useful! I'm always deleting and adding icons 'cause I'm never satisfied. :D
It took me a while to figure it out too, LOL but it is handy to have a default icon to replace deleted ones. Oh I can put my more appropriate icon back now I have more space!, though I do like having a matching header & icon. *is anal*
Thank you. I thought it was pretty good for my first effort at adding text and resizing. :o)

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Wow! Your very own personalized icon and you made it! Fantastic! Yeah, how often do people really go back and read a lot of older stuff anyway? But it sounds like you're covered, so no worries. Now it makes me think about making one...hmmm. :)
Thanks, Rebecca. I was pleased with it. Not bad for a first effort at resizing and adding text, I thought.

It's amazing the silly little things I worry about, isn't it? I'm kind of ridiculous, but there you go. :D
I, for one, have no idea what you are talking about.
Pityful arn't I..

I keep the same icon and have no idea with default is..

But, what ever you are doing, Anika, it must be good~~!!!
A default icon is the one LJ will use automatically if you don't choose one from your list. Also, if you delete an icon and have already used that icon in other comments here and there, it will disappear and your comment will then with no icon picture. What happens with a default is that when you delete an icon, the default will then fill in for it, so your comment won't be left without any icon. See what I mean? Of if you're in a hurry and don't feel like scrolling through your list to choose which icon to use, the default is automatically used. So that's handy.

But in your particular case, Char, since you only have the one icon, that IS your default.

I had deleted my default quite a while back, but now that I know how it works I've set another one. Made it myself too, which I'm quite pleased about. :o)
Oh I see---It's sort of like what happens when you post a picture, at least on the forum, and decide to delete it from photobucket, it also disappears from all places that you posted it in.
A little square appears saying the picture has been deleted.

Except, if I understand the icon default, something does appear to take it's place?
Right, unless it's the default icon you delete, in which case there's just no icon picture there. For instance, in your case, since you have only the one icon (your default), if you deleted it, it would disappear from every one of your comments.