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After all that hard work!

Johnny has no interest whatsoever in seeing himself onscreen, avoids it in fact. Listen to his hilarious comments:

Too funny! :D
I suppose a lot of actors don't like to watch themselves, but I really think they should.
I really think that is strange.

But to each his own.

I am sure Ewan has watched some of his films.

But Depp doesn't seem interested at all in watching ANY of his films.

Thanks for the video...interesting.
I have to wonder what he does about premieres. Maybe he just doesn't go to them. It's funny that his kids have seen more of his films than he has.

You're welcome. Thanks for watching.
LMAO! that was hilarious! bless him, is he suffering from lack of confidence you think?
Isn't he just too funny? I love when he said 'not remotely' when Letterman asked if he wasn't curious to see himself (or whatever the question was). He's so COOL. See why I like him so much?? :D

No, I don't think he lacks confidence at all. What I think it is is that he's humble. Did you ever hear the story about how he defaced his own billboard? Hysterical! It's toward the end of this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0cmBAXXM5U. Speaking of which, I saw that show when it aired, and I can't BELIEVE it was 3 years ago! Man, time goes by at a frightening speed.
Other kids pack lunch! LMAO I hadn't seen that, he's so funny!

I love it when good looking men are humble like that, bless 'em!
That's funny. :)

I don't generally read my own stories once I'm done writing them, for similar reasons. The process is more interesting to me than the finished work. I rely on other people to tell me whether or not it holds together. Does that make sense?
Wasn't it? I got a real laugh out of that. I love Johnny, he's so incredibly COOL.

It does make sense, but do you mean to say you don't read through the finished product at all?

Wow, that icon is seriously gorgeous.

I hope you're feeling better!
He is cool. He's never toed the party line, which I really admire.

I'll reread a short story, but an epic, nope. I've never read all of Provocateur or Sacred and Profane through. They're too LONG! Plus, I feel like I'd get cringy and the urge to fix stuff. Also, I know what I wrote, so rereading often just feels like a waste of time when I could move on to the next thing. It's done and dusted.

Isn't that a pretty icon? And I am feeling better, thank you very much.
LOL! great video.
i love Johnny!

and i can totally understand that, i would hate watching myself too. especially in films where there were sex scenes!

thanks for posting it
I love him too. I just think he's infinitely cool!

I agree. I don't even like the sound of my own voice, so I certainly wouldn't want to watch myself on film. I'm not an actor, though, needless to say. You'd think Johnny would be used to it after all these years. I wonder what he does about premieres.

You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed it too. :o)
I think Letterman was having a hard believing Johnny when he said he didn't watch himself. It was hilarious the way he just kept saying 'no' and 'not remotely'! He really cracked me up.

You're welcome. :o)
Oh, he has a great sense of humor. Did you see the link in my comment to Pam up above? Near the end of that clip, he tells about how he defaced a giant billboard picture of himself during the 21 Jump Street days. It's too funny.