Pfft! twice I've been in the same room as him and not once has he accommodated me!
I've heard you're rather wee - perhaps he didn't see you? :D

But what's this about being in the same room with him?! You've never mentioned that to me before. Details, please!
LOL he saw me, looked right at me for a whole second, but it wasn't a room as much as a theatre, but you know those stories, Guys & Dolls and Othello. God he was soooooo close and yet so far! *sighs*
Oh yeah, I forgot about the theater. I'm riddled with insane jealousy that you got to see him - twice! *stamps foot* SO unfair that I didn't.

It might have been for only a second, but I'm sure you made an impression. Although it could have been the lights shining in the drool on your chin . . .
Meh! don't be too jealous, he's not as good on stage as on screen, (must be stage fright) he looks very short and he's not as good looking in the flesh. *wanders if she bought that*

Or it may have been my tongue dragging on the floor! LOL
Awwwwwwwwwww Ewan is just to cute for words.
Although he didn't look to happy, he did pose for a picture...

Thanks annika---...
I thought it was great the way they all thanked him for posing. Did you notice that? So polite of them. Very refreshing, really.

You're welcome, Char.