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It's me again. :D

Just have to say how totally chuffed I am to see The Men Who Stare at Goats advertised on the Yahoo home page. I also saw it on the IMDb. This bunch knows how to promote a film. Yay!

Tomorrow night, 7 p.m., I am so THERE!

ha ha! Can. not. wait!

I'll be there tomorrow at the 5:30 showing....just over 24 hours...counting them down. :P
Well how unfair is that? Most of you are going earlier than me! LOL. Oh well, at least I get to see it on opening day - and I cannot WAIT!

Have fun, my dear!
Well...but aren't you in a later time zone than me? Mine is 5:30 MST. Actually, I have NO idea what time zone you're in! lol...but we could be there at the exact same time...enjoying Ewan! yip!
OMG! Excellent icon!

Holy shit, that's my idea of a mirage. :D Not that I would want him to disappear, you understand.
I see you changed your layout again. It's nice. I like it.

I'll be going to the 3:40 showing here. So can't wait! Megan wants to go to. She says she's going just to see the Goat. *snort*
Yeah, I'm having trouble staying satisfied with any of the layouts lately. This is a nice one, so I'm happy for the time being . . .

Megan's too funny. Have fun, both of you! Don't embarrass her now, Mom, by having, you know, drool on your chin or anything. :D
Will probably go to the 3:20 pm here...maybe again on Sunday. EEEEEEEEE!!! I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MY SQUEE.
I'm committed to going Christmas (boo! hiss!) shopping with my sister on Saturday, so I can't go two days in a row. I would otherwise. That's what I did with Angels & Demons. :o)

Have fun!! I'll be thinking of you. I just know it's going to be great, and I'm so EXCITED!
Cries--- I am going Sat morning at the 10:30 showing.
I was going to go Fri night but I changed my mind as the tickets are half price in the morning. [can't go Fri morning]
I always buy my daughters ticket so it saves me a lot to wait just a few more hours. [I just spent big bucks on Amellia]...

I will concole my self by watching Ewan on Craig at midnight.[slightly after].

I hoope everyone enjoys Goats, and The Craig Show...
Nothing wrong with saving some money. Tickets are expensive these days.

I'm really excited about seeing Ewan on The Late, Late Show too. Judging by those pictures and the little article you posted, it's going to be a great show. I'm really excited about that too. I just love Craig, and the two of them together are so hysterical.

Have fun!!
I never watch Craig unless Ewan is on, because it's just on to damn late.
But I woke up at around 1am and turned Craig on and he was so funny...
I think Ewan and Craig have the best chemistry of all the interview shows. They have such FUN together and it is never strained conversation..

Rnjoy Gaots...
Me and obsceneart going to the 9 pm Pacific time. Should be a riot!

Anika, Did you read that hilarious article about Ewan's pet duck that wears nappies? OMG! So funny. He comes across as slightly embarrassed in the interview. He let that person into his home. Damn, I'm going to become a magazine reporter.

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I did! I want a house duck too! Too cute. I like how it interrupted the interview by wandering into the room. Ewan's had an interesting week. First he's embarrassed by the tomato ad, now a duck. ROFL! He's so adorable.

I hope you and Gina have a great time. I know you will! Eeeeeeeee! I'm so darned EXCITED!!!

Oh! I have to tell you: I've been watching The Riches. I got it from Netflix. OMG, I love it! I've seen the pilot and the first two episodes so far. Thank you for the recommendation. :D