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This is rather amusing

Unfriend is US Dictionary's 2009 Word of the Year

NEW YORK - What word sums up 2009? How about unfriend?
Posted on - Tue Nov 17, 2009 9:09AM EST

That's the New Oxford American Dictionary's 2009 Word of the Year. It means to remove someone as a friend on a social networking Web site such as Facebook.

Each year Oxford University Press tracks how the English language is changing and chooses a word that best reflects the mood of the year.

Oxford lexicographer Christine Lindberg says unfriend has "real lex appeal."

Finalists for 2009 also included netbook, which is a small laptop, and sexting, which is sending sexually explicit texts and pictures by cell phone.



ETA: Perhaps I should point out that I'm not a big meanie. What I find amusing about this is that, because there are now so many social networking sites, a word like "unfriend" came into being in the first place, and that it's apparently so widely used and accepted it's been added to the dictionary. Oh yeah, I'd say the English language is definitely changing, wouldn't you?
lol thats quite sad...
netbook would have been a much better one for them to pick, at least then we wouldnt be dirty flirts or mean people deleting others from our lives :P
Oh dear! how sad, I'm not a fan of that word but I love the word netbook and I love my netbook! it's such a sweet little gadget.
I suggested to Jorge that we should get one, but he didn't go for it. We carry regular Mac laptops when we travel, but they're heavy, you know?
Don't apologize. I love that finally someone didn't think it was horrible. So thanks for that. :)
I guess I'm a meanie because I thought it was both interesting and amusing. :)
The English language is a wonderfully dynamic, living thing....and huge. I'm glad the growth of English is not constrained by petty nationalism, as other languages are.
It is - and changing all the time. We're constantly sucking up words from other languages and incorporating them into English, and then there words like these. Apparently this article actually got it wrong, because I read it in another piece as 'defriend.'

Welcome. :)