It is frustrating!!!!
The only reason I am going to see it is because Ewan is in it.

Ewan's character is very important to the story, so I hope they will start mentioning him for, Pete's sake!!!
And for Ewan's sake
AND for our sake!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the video, Anika

I know, it's so irritating. I'm starting to get worried that they made the part much smaller in the movie. I certainly hope not. Maybe they don't show him much in the trailer and here because they don't want to give too much away about his character. However, it would have been nice if they at least mentioned that Ewan is in it.
Perhaps in another trailer they will mention Ewan, but I sure hope they don't give away the whole film like they usually do.
Although I read the book and know what it is about, I still don't want to see it all in a trailer...