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This is just bizarre.


Thousands of shoes tie up Miami freeway traffic
Fri Jan 2, 9:09 pm ET

AP – Thousands of shoes were dumped on the Palmetto Expressway causing significant traffic delays in Miami, …

MIAMI – State troopers are looking for a charity to take thousands of shoes that were dumped on a Miami expressway, tying up rush hour traffic. Lt. Pat Santangelo says the Florida Highway Patrol received a call about the shoes Friday morning.

Santangelo says he's not sure where the shoes came from. There were no signs of a crash and no one stopped to claim them. He says he hopes someone will take them because he doesn't want to send them to the dump.
Workers using a front-end loader and a dump truck were able to quickly clear at least one lane by sweeping all the shoes to shoulder, but delays were expected until they could all be removed.
LOL--- I just saw this on TV...
I hope someone picks them up and gives them to those in need.
I hope so too, that's a great idea. But where did they come from? Who has that many shoes? Is it some sort of publicity stunt or something?? It's just so strange. LOL

I'll bet the people who had to wait for them to be moved weren't amused!
You would think that the driver would know if he lost his load...
Very curious to be sure!
Jorge has a theory that maybe the guy saw it start to go and couldn't stop it, so just raced away. I wonder if it was a collection, like the one they did in the UK that Ewan was involved in. Remember? They ended up sending them to Africa, I think. I think I remember reading that they collected 3 miles' worth of shoes. I mean, clearly these ones in Miami couldn't have been new shoes or they would have been in boxes.
I don't recall the shoe deal with Ewan.. How did I miss that?

Like you said, the shoes may have been used if there were no boxes.
It was a collection organized by Angus College in Scotland. I read about it on Best of Ewan McGregor. You could probably find it in the news archive, though unfortunately I can't remember the exact date. I seem to recall that there was a live online chat with Ewan, and that he got some cute messages from kids. I remember him saying to look in the back of your closet, because he was sure there were shoes in there that you could give. So cute. I really wanted to donate some myself, but they were only accepting donations from within the UK. I read afterwards that they collected about 3 miles' worth of shoes, quite an accomplishment!

I should look for a followup story about these shoes in Miami. I've been busy and haven't had a chance.
I may have read that as I usually catch everything from Best of Ewan, but I don't remember.... Is it current, like 2008?

Thanks for the info---It's a great story!!
Yes, it was in 2008. I'm thinking early on in the year, but I'm not sure. Sorry! My memory is terrible.

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Thanks Anika---I will have to look for it when I have some time to look through the archives....
You're welcome. I think that's the right time, because the shoes I won on eBay came with a letter from Ewan and he mentioned March 25th. I think he donated those shoes at that time, then they kept them for their charity auction, or maybe he donated more than one pair. The man does like to buy shoes, so I'm sure he has lots of extras. :o)
I hope not; I hope they were able to give them to a charity or something. I haven't looked for a followup story, I should do that.
That is the strangest story I've read in a long time! where did they come from?

Hopefully they'll put them to good use.
That's what I'd like to know. It's so odd! Obviously they weren't new, or they would have been in boxes. I can only think it must have been some sort of a collection, maybe for charity, and they fell out of a truck. I was just saying to Michelle, I should look for a followup story to see what happened. I do hope they were able to donate them somewhere where they could be useful to someone.