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Random fact

Were you aware that there's a Climax, New York? Seeing as how my mind is pretty much perpetually in the gutter, I find this extremely amusing.

yeah...there's an Intercourse, PA, too. *snort*
Lol There are such names in Germany too, I can't translate them though *blushes* ;)

You are on Christmas trip, Anika :))) Nice theme!
What possesses people to give towns names like that?? Or maybe they're only funny to people with dirty minds, like yours truly. ;D

I like this theme, but I'm already itching to change it to one of the other Christmasy ones. Variety is fun!
Me? *looks innocently* Dirty mind? Hey, I am way too old to think about such a thing ROFL. Okay, even I am not believing myself *grins*. At least not at the moment, hehe...

I am not a Christmas fan, but I love watching you living it with all your heart ;) So, keep changing.
Well, I was actually referring to myself and my mind always in the gutter . . . but now I see I'm in good company. LOL. I knew you were my kind of girl. :D

I don't usually get into the Christmas spirit this early. I think it's because we're getting together with my family early this year. Next weekend, to be exact.
We have a Penistone locally, pronounced Pennis-stone but the kids used to fall about laughing when they saw the sign.
LOL. love the dirty place names! I've heard of quite a few of them but i hadnt heard of this one before
You wouldn't happen to have one of those National Zip Code books and were looking through it cos you were bored, were you? *whistles innocently*
To funny --- climix and intercourse and penistone~!!!!....

There is a HELL Michigan, and on a lighter note....

Christmas Michigan.

Yes, I do have one of those books, but no, I wasn't looking in it. I have an online source that's much better - bigger print too. LOL.

I'll have you know it was totally work related! It was! I work for several VAs in NY, and I was looking up a city name. It's not my fault that Climax was on the same page and caught my eye. ;D
I figured it had to be work related otherwise you'd have probably never found it. But then it's addictive, seeing the names of places in other states. At least it was with me. Wha?
Oh ho! Now the truth comes out! You're the one reading the zip code book. LOL

Let us know if you come up with any more off-color names. ;D
I love Beaver Oklahoma. Especially cause it was a gay guy that was sent there.
I just found out there's a town somewhat near me called Balzac. Pronounced ballsack. Ahh, the mind of a degenerate =P

Helloo Anika! *hugs back*