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Old photos

Have you guys checked out foundphotos yet? I love it! Old photos are fascinating, and people are posting some fabulous ones - from all over the world. I'm really enjoying them. I decided to post some of my own because I have lots of them that were my father's. There are lots of total strangers, which is the case with this particular batch, but I have some great ones of my parents that I'm going to share with you at some point too. Yeah, yeah, and a few of me - extremely carefully screened! ;)

My parents split up when I was 5. I did know my father, though, and we got together sporadically over the years. He lived in Portland, Oregon, and I've pretty much always lived in New England, so getting together wasn't always feasible, but he tried hard. He passed away just before his 90th birthday, so I have longevity in my genes. I think he would have gone on longer had he not had a car accident (yes, he was still driving at 89) after which he went downhill, even though he didn't sustain any serious injuries at the time.

I hope you'll find these pictures as interesting as I do, and please check out foundphotos if you haven't already. It's very cool.

ETA: My profuse apologies! It's foundphotos, not oldphotos as I said before. Where does my brain go?! So sorry.


Biker chick! :D



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