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Old photos

Have you guys checked out foundphotos yet? I love it! Old photos are fascinating, and people are posting some fabulous ones - from all over the world. I'm really enjoying them. I decided to post some of my own because I have lots of them that were my father's. There are lots of total strangers, which is the case with this particular batch, but I have some great ones of my parents that I'm going to share with you at some point too. Yeah, yeah, and a few of me - extremely carefully screened! ;)

My parents split up when I was 5. I did know my father, though, and we got together sporadically over the years. He lived in Portland, Oregon, and I've pretty much always lived in New England, so getting together wasn't always feasible, but he tried hard. He passed away just before his 90th birthday, so I have longevity in my genes. I think he would have gone on longer had he not had a car accident (yes, he was still driving at 89) after which he went downhill, even though he didn't sustain any serious injuries at the time.

I hope you'll find these pictures as interesting as I do, and please check out foundphotos if you haven't already. It's very cool.

ETA: My profuse apologies! It's foundphotos, not oldphotos as I said before. Where does my brain go?! So sorry.


Biker chick! :D



These are way cool! I love old photos. That's one thing I like about work. Seeing all the old photos the residents have hanging on their walls and in scrapbooks.

I'll definitely be checking out that site.

Looking forward to seeing pics of you. ;0)

Thanks, Anika!
The more I see these photos, the more I like them. I'd like to know who these people were, but there's no way to find out. I'm sure my mother wouldn't know, though I could have her look at them. I do know my father had a motorcycle at one point. I wonder if this is it. He told me a story once about driving it without a license, going off the road, into a ditch, and just leaving it there. Shame on him!

Oh, I'd love seeing the photos of the residents too.

You're welcome, Lisa. Glad you liked them too. :)
I do too, I really adore old photos.

Someone on foundphotos got some photos from a rummage sale and asked where they had come from. The lady working there told him/her that a man's mother had died and he loathed her, so after she died, he didn't want her photos around and dumped them off at the rummage sale. So sad.
Oh, very nifty!

I would love to see your old pics. My sister and I were looking at some old Navy photos of my mom from the Fifties. She was extremely glamorous and I'm looking forward to getting some of them scanned and sharing them as well. It's so nifty to peer back into another era, isn't it? More so when it's personal.
Aren't they cool? I have more too. I must say, I'm really enjoying them.

Oh, I hope you do share the photos of your mom, I'd love to see them. She was in the Navy? I have some lovely pictures of my father in uniform. He looked extremely distinguished. :)
Both my parents were in the Navy, that's where they met. I'd love to see the shots of your dad. :)
These are great Anika---- [I am playing catch up.]

I love old photos. I refer to them as "instant famileis".
I sold quite a few of them at Antique shows.
They are so interesting. I should have kept some, but I just couldn't keep everything.!!!

I do have my old family pictures which I highly prize.

So sad about that man that dumped his pictures.
To me they are part of history...

Thanks for sharing the pictures and the link. I will check it out too.
Old photos are so fascinating. I still have a lot more mystery people amongst my father's photos. Some of them look quite old. (He himself was born in 1900.) I hope you check out that community. Some people are posting some really great ones. Technically it's supposed to be pictures you literally found somewhere, but many are posting old pictures of their family members. It's so interesting!
Hi Anika---- I checked the pictures out. They are amazing
The little shoeless boys and the fashions of yesteryear.
Some I as so glad we don't have to wear~!

The war picrues are so sad.

Thanks again for the link to this site.
I put it in my favorites so I can go back and see if
anyone adds anything to it.

Oh good, I'm glad you had a look around. I think it's a great community. Some of the photos are just wonderful.

You're entirely welcome.
I love to see old photos too. These are lovely. We have a suitcase full of them in the attic, but thankfully most of them have names and dates written on them. Although "Uncle Bert" might not be very helpful to future generations...
LOL! Good old Uncle Bert, I knew him well. :D

You should post some of yours!

I like this batch a lot, especially the people with the bicycle. There are quite a lot more mysterious people amongst my father's photos. I'd love to know who they are, but there's very little chance of that now.
I've joined the comm and posted a pic. Thanks for pointing to it, I am enjoying looking through the posts. I'm just basically a nosy person!