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Check this out

I'm trying to find a "Dr. Ifty," because that's the name they dictated. Lo and behold, this is what the name really is:

Jainulabdeen J. Ifthikharuddin

Yowza! No wonder they call him/her Dr. Ifty, eh? Imagine having that name when you're first learning to write as a wee one. I would have thrown down my pencil in frustration. :D

I know I'm waaaaaay behind on responding to comments. I promise I'm not blowing you off!
I am - I'm a medical transcriptionist. I also happen to be wearing headphones which look almost exactly like Curt's. :)
That's quite the name and I won't even begin to pronounce it. I see work is fun again today. ;)
Actually, it bit the big one - the system was uncooperative, the dictators were uncooperative, my fingers were uncooperative - but I'm finished for the day now. Yay. :)
Yeah, it's rotten here too. We literally had a blizzard today, then a couple of hours ago, when I was out with the dog, it was starting to rain a little. Ack! I hate winter.
That is quite a name...
I have a relative that marriried someone with a last name a mile long. I don't even try to pronounce it.

Geez...that's a long name. O.o

And nice to meet you, Anika. I'm glad to see you're a Tim Burton fan as well...and you will definitely enjoy The Princess and the Frog. :)
It's quite something, isn't it? There's also a doctor called Hanumappa Visweswaraiah. They call him Dr. Vish. These names are a challenge, to say the least.

Hello! It's not often that I hear the name Anika, and now there's an actress called Anika. I was excited about that. :)

Oh, I love Tim Burton, and Johnny Depp, and Big Fish, which is where I discovered my top favorite - Ewan McGregor. :D