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Do these creep anyone else out as much as they do me? O_o


Nasty!! Or maybe I just have a weird foot thing.

ETA: Whoops, in my horror I failed to mention that they're yoga socks, for public places. Sorry 'bout that.

The hell? I understand the purpose of fingerless gloves, for dexterity, but I suppose this is just, um, fashion. o.O

I like feet, though. An attractive man's attractive feet are things of beauty.

Pee Ess. I love your icon. :D

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I just adore that zombie icon. Hee! I like your Miranda one as well. :)

I've added an explanation - they're yoga socks. Seriously repulsive yoga socks. *hisses*

I like some mens' feet (Jorge, for example, has lovely, symmetrical feet), but I'm particular and I get grossed out extremely easily. Some of the feet I've seen shod in sandals have been enough to give me nightmares for a week. Repulsive.
Um...why? *is speechless* Seriously?

God I hope I never see any of those on my residents. *shudders*

I hate things between my toes, and half a toe at that! Those don't look comfortable. And what's with the blue whatever it is on the bottom? How the hell are you supposed to wash them? Yuck!
Sorry, I was so creeped out that I forgot to explain - they're yoga socks that you're meant to wear in public places, for hygienic reasons, I guess. I assume the blue bit is a nonslip surface. They were in a catalog and I didn't really read the details because I was too disgusted. LOL

1. I don't do yoga.
2. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing those things never mind in public.
3. I wash my feet, thank you very much. ;o)

I wonder if they're machine washable or if you have to hand wash those hideous things. *shudder*
3. I wash my feet, thank you very much.
Yes, but other people don't.

Ewwwwwwwwwwwww, I can't believe I just put that thought into our heads. -_*

I would imagine they're machine washable. They look pretty sturdy. And disgusting...did I mention disgusting?
Yes, but other people don't.
Yeah, I know, but putting clean socks on dirty feet kinda defeats the purpose in my book. (And then whose to say they wash the socks after). Know what I mean? Gross!

They are pretty disgusting. Blech!
those are weird!
what is the point of them?

i've had toe socks before which are similar but without the toes cut off and those were bad enough... these are just very strange!
Sorry, I should have mentioned that they're yoga socks to be worn in public, I guess for hygienic reasons. I was so disgusted that I didn't read all of the details in the catalog. :D Aren't they hideous? *shudders*

I had socks with toes (full toes) years ago too, as a joke. They certainly weren't comfortable!
ah i see. i thought it looked like there was some sort of dancing shoes behind them or something like that.
But you're right, no matter what they are for, they are hideous!
Ugh. Feet are the Devil's Appendages. I hate feet. And I would hate those on feet. Icky yucky.
Ah-ha! You know what I mean then. I get disgusted by feet really easily. I was just saying to Alex that I've seen some feet in sandals that never, EVER should have been on display in public. They were enough to give me nightmares, I swear. *shudders*
They look sort of medical. Perhaps it's the colour - hospital beige. Not nice.
They do. I've seen patients wearing similar things, with full toes of course, and with the antislip coating, or whatever it would be called, on the bottom.

That is an incredibly nasty color. Ick.
Ick. Feet should be covered at all times. Except Ewan's, of course, as he has adorable feet.

And seriously, think of how creepy those things must /feel/. Weird.
That's true, Ewan does have nice feet, as does my hubby. Do I know how to pick my men or what? :)

They look hideously uncomfortable, don't they?

Oh, I seriously heart your icon. Curt... *sigh*
haha!! Yoga socks or not, those are just WEIRD.

I wonder what hubby would do if I gave him a pair for Christmas. *snickers*

And I agree with all above, yes, Ewan has beautiful lovely feet...I wonder if they stink? :P
My grandaughter when younger, loved to wear the sox with the toes. They were colorful and cute..
But I sure wouldn't want the toes cut out.
Sox with toes would bother me.. They look uncomfortable.

I had some with toes too and they were cute, but they weren't comfortable in the least. They were warm, but that's all they had going for them aside from the cuteness.
Ewww, I hate normal toe socks, but why would you want your toes poking out the ends? That's just wrong.

By the way, I got your card the other day, thanks Anika! :o)