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Testing, testing, testing.

 This is just a bit of a test to see if I can manage to post an entry to my journal - I already know I can't add an image.  I'm clueless!  I've tried to figure it out on my own, but clearly that's not working.  I'm going to have to throw myself on the mercy of someone to help me.  Lucky thing I've made such good friends here.
YAY! you posted an entry! WOOHOO!

Are you using HTML or Rich text?
I know! Can you believe it? I'm kind of proud of myself, even though it was just a tiny thing, and I'm thrilled about my first two comments from you and Char! :o)

See, this is where my problems start. You're speaking computereze there. I kind of know what HTML is, but Rich Text I have no idea about. *shakes head* I'm just clueless. I think I'm using HTML.

Hey! I forgot to tell you. Jorge installed a new Windows Media player on my new computer and that solved all my video-watching problems. Remember I told you how your videos looked like infrared on my computer and I couldn't figure out why? Well, it's all solved now and they look fabulous. WooHoo!!
Yes I can! I knew you could do it! WOOHOO!!! now we need to get you posting piccies and lj cuts, it's really easy! this is all there is to it,

HTML looks like this

Rich Text looks like this

Assuming you're using HTML to post a pic you just click on the "insert image" icon on the left, a box pops up that looks like this

if you're using a pic in photobucket you just type in it's address in the top box next to the circle with URL. The URL for the image is in one of the little boxes below the thumbnail in your photobucket account.
Or if you want to upload from your pc click the circle marked "image from file" then click the "browse" button to navigate through your files to find the pic you want, click on it then click the open button and finally the upload button.

At the bottom of your posting form there's a posting option it's set to Show this entry to Everyone (public), you can change that to private (just me) from the drop down menu, I use it all the time to post and check it looks ok before anyone else sees it, yes I still panic about making mistakes, once I see it and it's ok I click the edit button and change it to Everyone. LOL

I'm glad you got your videos to work, that's brilliant! YAY!

Once you have this done we can do the lj cut.
Well, for heaven's sake, that was easy. You were right. The default setting is Rich Text, that was evidently my problem. I didn't notice it, of course, until you showed me the different boxes. I probably just let these things intimidate me too much. Excellent tip about setting it to just me!

I think I'm ready for my next lession, Ms. Instructor. :o)

Thank you so much for doing this.
That's great, Anika---You made a post!!!!
I am horrible at teaching how to post pictures, but I did help someone, and it worked for them.. [not the LJ cut thourh. I still have a problem with that myself]

Let's see if someone more knowledgeable will help you before I try...
I know! I'm rather excited about doing a post, even as small as it was, and my comments as well! My first post and my first two comments from you and Pam. I've really joined the community. LOL!

Not to worry. Pam and Rose both offered to help me. Little do they know what they're getting themselves into . . .
Oh good, Anika---Both Pam and Rose will be able to help you just fine.

Good luck-----Looking forward to your first picture in your journal and on the playground.
What a beautiful webpage. I'm jealous! But happy for your first post...and if I can post an image so can you. Click post. Click the little icon that is a square picture. Have a picture up on your screen that you want to use. Right click and paste it into your post. But be sure it's clean because putting it behind a cut is a little more complicated!!!!LOL
Hi Reba! Yay, another comment! I'm so excited with my accomplishment today, I really am. :o)

The journal style is called Magic Paper. Isn't it gorgeous? It's a little narrow, but I love the quill and bookmark and the colors.

Thanks for your advice. I did click the little square, but I didn't know you had to have a picture open. I didn't do that. I also tried to get something out of my Photobucket and couldn't do that either. It just seems like you already need to know how to do some of these things before the instructions make any sense! I also get easily frustrated.

Do you prefer Rebecca, by the way?
Either one is fine with me. In R.L., I'm Rebecca.

Probably best to wait for Pam and Rose, but the steps I skipped is once you click the photo icon, LJ brings up a box. You want to go to the 3rd tab "Upload." It gives you the option of browsing. I always browse because it brings up "my pictures" on my hardrive. I save gobs of Ewan pictures to my hardrive. Then find the one you want and click on it or open itand the URl will populate into the LJ browse box. Now click "upload." It will take you back to the first tab and the picture will appear in the box with all the latin words. Then size it just like if you were creating or uploading icons to your icon page. Maybe that's clear as mud?
LOL! No, that was good. Thanks a lot. Pam gave me a "lesson" too. You're all so nice to help me out. I really appreciate it. It seems that my problem started because the default setting is Rich Text and I needed to change it to HTLM. I didn't even notice that until Pam pointed it out. I've made great progress after my first lesson. Weee!
I love this Miami one too. Glad you've been able to make progress. Usually if you hover over the little icons it will tell you what they are, like "bold," "italic," "insert/edit image" and one of them is "lj cut." Another is "size." But for me these are under Rich Text and my menu goes down to one or 2 things if I click on HTML.
Hi Michelle. Welcome to my work in progress. I need all the help I can get! LOL

I think I've got it now and I'm so excited! *happy dance*