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I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS Sundance 2009 Review
Posted by ColliderStaff

Written by Cady Heron

I Love You Phillip Morris is an unabashed love story. The fact that it's about two men who meet in prison is of little consequence. The film stars Jim Carrey as Steven Russell, a jack-of-all-trades con-man, and Ewan McGregor as the object of his affection, Phillip Morris. Both give flawless, fearless performances in this beautiful, hilariously quirky movie. Now here's where it gets weird: I Love You Phillip Morris is a true story.

Co-directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa also wrote the screenplay. To give you an idea of their sensibility, these are the same guys who wrote Bad Santa. There's a lot of screwing and swearing; there's perhaps an unprecedented number of dick jokes, but there's also an undeniable sweetness. It is a love story, after all--the Mr. Toad's Wild Ride of love stories.

The twists and turns in I Love You Phillip Morris take Carrey from bible-thumping small town cop to the flashy sidewalks of South Beach, from the tour guide of the prison yard to the wood paneled corner office of a swanky financial firm. Carrey moves effortlessly in and out of these very different worlds, his trademark rubber-faced antics softened into an authentic portrayal of this real human being. He hasn't been this good since Eternal Sunshine, I dare say.

At the press conference for the film, Carrey, McGregor, and the filmmakers were asked repeatedly if the subject matter ever gave them pause. Overwhelmingly, the response was that Steven Russell's story was so engaging and full of humanity, how could they not jump at the chance to make it?
Ficarra and Requa pointed out that the movie's humor comes from the absurd situations, not from the sexual orientation of its characters. This is the key difference between a sad, pathetic movie like I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and a great film like I Love You Phillip Morris: the film doesn't treat it's characters lightly. They aren't the joke, and there's no condescension in sight. It's a movie about real people, not caricatures--and I don't mean that in the sense that the film is based on a true story. Oh, and it's actually funny. REALLY FUNNY.

I Love You Phillip Morris also stars Leslie Mann and Rodrigo Santoro.

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Ewan & Jim look happy about what she said too, don't they? :o)

Did we have this massive version of this photo? Holy cow!
This movie is getting some really good reviews, I really hope someone is brave enough to take a chance and distribute it!

Aaaaah don't they look happy! they must be reading all the glowing reviews of their sexual exploits. LOL
Ooooooh! Yes BIGGER is definitely better, mine was only 1200px wide! hehe
glowing reviews of their sexual exploits.
LOL! Yeah, that must be it!

I had a thought: Maybe it's not that no one wants it, maybe they're negotiating for the best price. It's possible, isn't it? *tries to be optimistic*

Yay! Glad I found something you didn't already have. That's got to be a first.
Yes I like the sound of that! it's definitely much better than sitting here thinking no one wants it, that cannot be possible!

hehe yeah you did, not only is it bigger it also doesn't have a watermark. YAY!!
not only is it bigger it also doesn't have a watermark.
Woohoo! I rule! It was actually an accident - the photo just happened to be attached to that article. I still take full credit though. :o)

I just wrote some of my thoughts about the lack of a distributor in an email to you. I'm very worried about it though.
Hmmmmmmmmmmm a massive amount of screwing and swearing.!!!

I hope that doesn't put off the good distributors.
And what kind of rating will it get?
I guess only time will tell.

Finland, Brazil and the Czech Republic has already picked it up and have release dates... Why are we so sloooooooooooooow!!!???

You don't want to get me started Char. It started with the Puritans...Oh no, I won't go there today. Anyway, Anika, what a great review!!!!! Thanks for posting. Haven't these photos been just fabulous this week?! Hope you're both (Char and Anika) doing well!

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Ha! Sounds like you and I have similar views on the prudishness in this country, Rebecca. Jorge and I like to say that we'd have been better off if the Puritans had stayed in Britain and the Pagans came and settled here. :o)

You're welcome. Wasn't that a great review? I really liked this: Both give flawless, fearless performances . . . So many of the reviews just focus on Jim, and finally this one mentioned Ewan's performance too.

Good lord, I've been dying from the pictures in these last few days! Ewan is amazing. He looks just incredibly gorgeous. Words aren't adequate! LOL That picture you made into an icon is just beautiful. I have it as my background.

I'm doing well. Sorry to be so late in answering your messages. For some reason, I'm totally exhausted and can't get out of my own way lately. Sleep deprived, I'm sure my husband would say. I think they slipped me a Mickey Finn at dinner, that's my theory. Hee.
Nah we needed to get them out of here so we can watch screwing in the cinema!
And what kind of rating will it get?
Well, that depends. If they have more than one instance of the "F" word, then it can't be PG13, or so I read somewhere. If the sex is too blatant, I imagine they'll have to go for the next one up. What is that, R or NC17? I don't know. What I do know is that we're much too prudish in this country and it drives me wild. Certain types of movies try not to get the R rating because that limits their audience, i.e., no teenagers, but I doubt teenagers would be seeing this one anyway. Then again, what do I know? It's been many, many moons since I was a teenager!

As I said to Pam, maybe they're negotiating the price with a distributor. I think that could be possible, couldn't it? How could no one want it with all the great reviews?
Years ago, these kind of films went to an "art house".
They wouldn't have been played in a regular theater..

Hell, Michael Bay made Scarlet wear that "Black Bra" in the very tame love scene in "The Island" because he wanted a PG13 rating....
So, I would imagine it will have at least an R rating.

It is getting really positive reviews, so I would think someone will want to pick it up...

I remember that black bra issue. She was not happy about it, I think mainly because it was uncomfortable, but also because it was ridiculous in the scene. Who wears a bra when they make love?! No one, that's who. The movie rating system is insane in this country, but I've already ranted enough about it.

Still no distributor. I'm getting more and more worried. *heavy sigh*
I am getting worried too.
Perhaps they will have to tone it down to get someone to
take it...

I hope not as I hate it when they screw around with a film.
When it gets changed, it often is not as good..

Or they put some parts in the extras like Young Adam...Like no one it going to watch the extras.!!!!
I taped it off the TV with all the scenes in tact...