No, we didn't know that. I was very excited to see this earlier today! The last we heard it was going to play in Berlin FF in Feb. Now it might open here!!!!! Can't wait to see the TV ads start if that's the case! This could be the big one!
Wouldn't it be wonderful if it was a hit?? I hope so! I can't wait to see it, in any case. I loved the book, so I hope the screenplay is as good. (Please forgive me if I've already said all of that in the past - I forget who I said what to. O.o)

Char has an article with a different date. Limited release on Feb. 19, then wider on March 5 and 19 (scroll down). It's still not all that far away, though. Yay! Plus, we have ILYPM in March as well, which I refuse to believe won't show near me. *stamps foot stubbornly*
Hmh, I think we already knew that...but anyway, a MUCH Neitehr profile :P

Actually I think it's one of the few movies which are not released a lot later in Germany because it was filmed here.
You know, they actually did a great job of making the locations in Germany look like Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. I've been there, and I was quite impressed by what I've seen in pictures and on the trailer.

He does, he has such a gorgeous profile...and front and back. :D
He has! I was being really stupid and wondering why the trailer was in German, but ah yes, the premier in Germany.
I'm pretty sure I posted that the Feb date is in limited release in the USA and it will have a wide release in March.
March 25th or 26th.
I would have to go back and see if I did.
I did't write it down because it seems to get changed from time to time...

Anuways, it is getting close now~!!!

Oh--- Yes EWAN definitely has the most beautiful profile.
Pierce doesn't, and so many other don't either.
I love Ewan's profile~!!!
I posted this on the forum... And I thnk I have read the later March date but I could be wrong...


Thurs., Jan. 7, 2010,
"The Ghost Writer' to open Feb. 19
Roman Polanski thriller gets U.S. release date

Summit Entertainment will open Roman Polanski's thriller "The Ghost Writer" in a ****limited run on Feb. 19.
Polanski has been finishing up the film while under house arrest in Switzerland.

Toplining Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan, "Ghost Writer" is based on Robert Harris novel "The Ghost." Summit said the film's run will be expanded on
****** March 5 and again on March 19.

Summit acquired North American distribution rights to the pic last month. Company is also acting as foreign sales agent.


Ah, okay. Thanks, Char. We have ILYPM sometime in March now as well, right? Originally it was Valentine's Day, but it got moved to Phillip Morris's birthday, if I recall correctly. I'm in a hurry - too lazy to go and look it up. I'm so excited to see both of these films!

Ewan does have a beautiful profile - as well as a beautiful front, back, sides, top, bottom, and middle. ;D
It's getting confusing with the dates changing from day to day.

I read that ILYPM is opening on March 26 2010 in the USA.

The Ghost Writer I found just 2010 for the US, but the article I posted above said.

The Ghost Writer usa --- march 5th----March 19th.

So I guess we won't know for sure until it is almost here~!!!

You know, it's really going to annoy me if they release it under the title "Ghost Writer," two words. Ghostwrite is one word; hence, ghostwriter should be one, not two. Those kind of things really bother me. Like "Two Weeks Notice," which should be Two Weeks' Notice, with an apostrophe. It makes people look like a bunch of fools who can't spell. But anyway. :D

Nope, I guess we won't know for sure on the dates until the time comes.
Hmmmmmmmmm I guess I didn't pay much attention to the
way the title is written.

I wish they would get the dates stright, and stick to them~!
I don't really know. I've seen it both ways. I guess we won't know for sure until we see the poster. I am going to be annoyed if they spell it as two words, because, hello!, it should be one. I get irritated by the small stuff. :D I think they should call it The Ghost, it sounds much more intriguing.