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One of the reasons I admire Johnny Depp so much

He won the award for Favorite Movie Actor of the Decade at the People's Choice awards Wednesday. In 2007, he won for Favorite Male Movie Star, Favorite Action Star and, with Keira Knightley, Favorite On-Screen Match-Up. But does he get a big head? Absolutely not; not even close.

Some of his remarks:

"I know that I've said this before. But the fact that this award comes from the people makes it all the more special," Depp said via satellite from London. "And thanks for keeping me employed, yeah? You're the boss."

"The only reason that any of us are up here is because of you," he told fans after accepting the award. "It has been quite an amazing decade and an incredible ride, and I sincerely thank all of you for bestowing on me all your great treasures."

Thanks for keeping me employed. I love that. He's a class act.

Oh yeah, he's a snappy dresser. LOL. Normally he'd be wearing a fedora; at least he left that off. :D
I think he'll always be cute.

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He and Ewan have a lot in common, in the humility department and also in what they choose to wear on International TV. Some have referred to Ewan as an "anti-diva" the first time I heard it referred to a man, but I think he and Depp both qualify for that club. They seem to have similar ways of thinking about the "Biz," huh?
They do have a lot in common. They're both humble and down-to-earth, with none of those airs some actors put on, both totally devoted to their families. Do I know how to pick 'em or what? I would agree - Ewan is definitely an anti-diva if I've ever seen one. Also, I have to say, I much prefer his outfits to Johnny's! Sorry, Johnny. LOL
I agree, they have much in common (mostly good things) and they are both impressive and charismatic actors!
aw he is such a lovely guy! and gorgeous and talented too ;D

thanks for the info, he totally deserves the award
He really is, and I would have to agree: I think he deserves every accolade he receives - AND he should have won the Academy Award for the first POTC. No one had ever seen anything like that before. He was hilarious and brilliant, and absolutely should have won. I'm still annoyed that Sean Penn won for Mystic River, which was a decent performance but by no means his best. There certainly wasn't anything Oscar-worthy there. Johnny acted circles around him!
Johnny Depp seems like a nice guy.

I don't follow what he does and I have never seen any of his films, but if he is anytiing like Ewan, then that is a good thing.
I think he is a genuinely nice man. He's always very kind to his fans too. His wee daughter was really seriously ill during the filming of Sweeney Todd in England. She was in a hospital in London for quite a while. Luckily, she recovered, though I think they weren't sure she would. But anyway, not long ago he just spontaneously showed up at that hospital, dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow (his character from the Pirates of the Caribbean films), to entertain the kids. How sweet is that? He's lovely.
That is sweet. Somethng like Ewan would do, and does with CHAS and UNICIEF...
Its nice to know there are very nice young men in this
Exactly. I think Ewan and Johnny have a lot in common, and they're both very caring and giving.