Anika (honscot) wrote,

One of the reasons I admire Johnny Depp so much

He won the award for Favorite Movie Actor of the Decade at the People's Choice awards Wednesday. In 2007, he won for Favorite Male Movie Star, Favorite Action Star and, with Keira Knightley, Favorite On-Screen Match-Up. But does he get a big head? Absolutely not; not even close.

Some of his remarks:

"I know that I've said this before. But the fact that this award comes from the people makes it all the more special," Depp said via satellite from London. "And thanks for keeping me employed, yeah? You're the boss."

"The only reason that any of us are up here is because of you," he told fans after accepting the award. "It has been quite an amazing decade and an incredible ride, and I sincerely thank all of you for bestowing on me all your great treasures."

Thanks for keeping me employed. I love that. He's a class act.

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