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Seen this?

Evidently this is the official US poster. Not as horrible as the last one we saw from Iforgetwhere, thank God. It's actually kind of cute. Still not loving that yellow, though.

I am so excited to see this film!

ETA: I've changed it to a better-quality picture. At least their faces are clear in this one.
ack! I don't like it! I'm sorry... I just don't!!!! And why is Ewan looking thicker in the waste than ugly fartface? Our Ewan, thin and sexy and lean? Who the hell drew this awful pic? I'm sueing!! :D
You're right. I hadn't noticed that before, but he does look thicker than Jim. Did you see the last poster, though? Poor Ewan looked like some kind of weirded out Ken doll. It was horrendous. This is a very slight improvement over that at least.

Speaking of thick, you should see Jim Carrey now. He's packing on pounds for The Three Stooges and he's grown a beard. Jesus, he looks like Orson Welles. O.o
(Jim:stooges) no, I haven't had the pleasure (read: horror) of seeing JC lately, no complaints. I feel bad shunning a fellow countryman, but heh, he's just not my cuppa!

(other poster) I remember vaguely another poster, do you still have it, I'll have a look just to compare... *braces self*
I always forget he's Canadian. Give me Ryan Reynolds any day. :)

Here it is in all its horrendousness...

Isn't it the most godawful thing you've ever seen?!?
OMG!!!!! the colours! the colours! I'm blind!!!!!! ahem!
I'm still looking forward to one day getting a release date for this damn movie!
I agree, they're pretty horrible. I don't think this poster is quite as foul as the last one I saw, though, so that's something anyway.

You will. I'm confident you'll get a date. There, I have spoken, so you're all set now. :D
It is kinda cute, but what's with all the yellow? Every poster has had a yellow background. Hmm, yellow must be a 'gay' color. *rolls eyes*
My theory on the yellow is that it's the color of their uniforms in jail, but I dunno, I could be totally wrong on that. Maybe it is a "gay" color. It's quite ugly, whatever the reason they're using it.

I don't loathe this poster as much as the others, especially that awful one where someone went insane with Photoshop, but I don't love it either. Oh well, for some reason they just haven't consulted me. :)
Don't you just love the trailer? OMG, Ewan is so delicious and totally adorable! Have you seen the clips as well? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEGGl35iy3Q&feature=player_embedded, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoJasWQLC6k&NR=1. I especially love the second one. I'm incredibly excited to see this movie!!

Hee, Robert does know you well. :D I'm definitely not a Jim Carrey fan, but he has grown on me a little bit, and he loved Ewan at Sundance, you could tell. So he can't be all bad. LOL Jorge won't even think about seeing the movie, though he hasn't seen the trailer. Is Robert willing to go?
i like the idea of the poster but ewan just looks too fake and photoshopped again. which isn't helped by the fact that the pic is a bit pixelated on their faces so the real poster may look a bit better. i just don't understand why they keep making ewan look like a fake Ken doll instead of just leaving his natural beauty :P
I changed it to a picture with better quality, so at least their faces are clear. But yeah, I totally agree - why don't they just use the real, gorgeous Ewan?? Beats the heck out of me. And lose the disgusting yellow while they're at it! :D
Oo that's bright. O_O (Still want to smack JC in the face. With a large wet fish.)
It is insanely bright.

A large wet fish! ROFL! He did say some lovely things about Ewan when they were at Sundance, so he went up in my estimation. If he appreciates how beautiful and special Ewan is, he can't be ALL bad. :)