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MWSAG on DVD and Blu-Ray, March 23

Amazon.com has it available for preorder. :D *happy dance*

The film, based on true events described in Jon Ronson's 2004 book of the same title, The Men Who Stare at Goats, involves a down-on-his-luck reporter (McGregor) who gets more than he bargains for when he meets a special forces agent (Clooney) who reveals the existence of a secret, psychic military unit whose goal is to use paranormal powers to end war as we know it.

Special Features:

Audio commentaries
Deleted scenes
"Goats Declassified: The Real Men of the First Earth Battalion" featurette
"Project Hollywood - A Classified Report from the Set" featurette
Character bios

23 March??! That's about the time it's scheduled to be released here! I could buy the DVD then as well as going to cinema *annoyed*
Don't ask me, it just annoys me...I'm seriously considering not going to cinema for it now *shrugs*
I always try to see them on the big screen first, plus they have a better sound system in the cinemas, but I do see your point. There are usually months of time between theater and DVD dates; I really don't understand why they're doing it this way for you. So strange. I hope it doesn't mean the film isn't getting a theater run there at all. :(
Oh no! You shouldn't have said that! Cause I may complain really much and I still would go to cinema probably (I just can't resist Ewan on big screen)...I'll have to look it up.
I LOVE that picture. OMG, he's just dead sexy. *sigh*

Amazon has a date of 22 March for the UK. I think it's very unfair that you get it a day before us. :)