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For what it's worth.

I just read an interesting piece that indirectly has to do with I Love You Phillip Morris. I'll post the link, but beware: there is a spoiler if you haven't read the book.

If what the writer of this article said is true, the important thing is that there's progress on us getting to see the movie. At least it's apparently not in limbo somewhere.

This is the interesting bit:

Or better yet, while waiting for a shuttle, I entered into conversation with a guy who was bemoaning the multiple codas of a film. He checked the press credentials dangling from my neck to see if he should edit himself. I assured him I wasn't connected with the film.

We laughed, and I told him I felt the same way about the Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor premiere of "I Love You Phillip Morris." Not only did this film have several false endings, but [spoiler]."

He then said, "I produced the film." I was sure he was joking only to find out he was Jeffrey Harlacker, a producer from Fox. He said in defense of the film, "It's based on a true story of a sociopath/conman and that's what the guy actually did."

"Yes", I responded, "but Carrey's portrayal made it difficult to see the dark side of the character."

"Yeah, it's true," he said. "We're going to re-edit the film."
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