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For what it's worth.

I just read an interesting piece that indirectly has to do with I Love You Phillip Morris. I'll post the link, but beware: there is a spoiler if you haven't read the book.

If what the writer of this article said is true, the important thing is that there's progress on us getting to see the movie. At least it's apparently not in limbo somewhere.

This is the interesting bit:

Or better yet, while waiting for a shuttle, I entered into conversation with a guy who was bemoaning the multiple codas of a film. He checked the press credentials dangling from my neck to see if he should edit himself. I assured him I wasn't connected with the film.

We laughed, and I told him I felt the same way about the Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor premiere of "I Love You Phillip Morris." Not only did this film have several false endings, but [spoiler]."

He then said, "I produced the film." I was sure he was joking only to find out he was Jeffrey Harlacker, a producer from Fox. He said in defense of the film, "It's based on a true story of a sociopath/conman and that's what the guy actually did."

"Yes", I responded, "but Carrey's portrayal made it difficult to see the dark side of the character."

"Yeah, it's true," he said. "We're going to re-edit the film."

Hi Anika---I read the book, so no spoilers for me.

I hope if they re edit the film that they don't ruin it, but I would rather have a re-edit then not get the film out at all...
Thanks for the article
I agree with you - I hope they don't mess it up. I'm assuming, providing this story is true of course, that they'll edit the more graphic sex scenes to give the movie a more mainstream appeal. Although the majority of people who saw it seemed to like it the way it was, I guess the potential distributors didn't. Hopefully they'll put deleted scenes on the DVD and/or release a director's cut DVD.
Are your thinking the stroy may not be true?
As far as I know, it is true.
And I hope they dont' screw this film up for Ewan, and screw us
out of getting to see it...
Well, it's kind of just hearsay in this situation, since we only have this journalist's word for it. That's also not the same producer who's been mentioned in other articles, so hopefully he has the correct information. I did want to put it out there for what it's worth, though. At least it gives me more hope that something is being done behind the scenes. Have you read something else that confirms it?
Hi Anika---I'm sorry---I thought you were wondering if the story about Steven and Phillip was a real life story...LOL

No, I don't know anything true or not about the article you posted, about editing the story so that it can be shown..

I think they have distributors for Finland, Brazil and Chez Rep.
It was made in the USA---Let's get with it, and for our friends in the UK and other countries too....

It's maddening---We finally get a film that the critics actually lke and look what happens!!!!! BUMMMMMMMMMER

We finally get a film that the critics actually like
Good point! That hasn't happened in much too long.

The whole thing is just beyond frustrating, but hopefully we'll hear some good news soon.
I won't read the article (thanks for the spoiler alert !) but just release the damn film already ! It was supposed to be released in February in France according to IMDB but even the (French) site of Europa corp has no release date, it's still on the "in production" page...
Oh no, sorry. We heard February for us here too. I recall Valentine's Day being mentioned. Someone was evidently talking dates before they even had a distributor. I guess they were pretty confident it would sell. Too bad they weren't right. Hopefully this story is right (see my comment to Char above) and they'll get it out soon because I'm dying here - I absolutely cannot wait to see it!