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Anyone else old enough to remember The Unknown Comic?

Nah, he's not making a comeback. This is a rather unique was of trying to avoid the paparazzi. I really had to laugh. Can't blame the guy for trying, but I don't think this method is going to work, do you? Although maybe it will; maybe it will catch on.

Hmm . . . how do they really know who it is?

No, this isn't a cast member from "The Strangers" wreaking havoc in the middle of the afternoon. It's Shia LaBeouf attempting to avoid the paparazzi with a grocery bag on his head.
I don't know who that is, but this is really a way to
BRING attention to oneself...

Of coursee the pap. is going to wonder who is under there, and try to nail him/her....

He's the guy who plays the lead in Transformers (just to name one of his movies) - that is if they really know who it is under the bag at all. :o)

LOL! Well, that's what I thought. Excellent way to call attention to yourself, is it not? It cracks me up, though. I appreciate his sense of humor.
Thanks Anika--- I didn't see Transformers, although it was another film of which some of it was made in Michigan.
Downtown Detroit----My sister saw then blow up a car near where she was picking someone up.
If that's the same Transformers by Director Michael Bay...
Yes, that's the one.

That's funny that that happened to your sister. What an experience. You and I talked about it before. Remember when we got off on that huge conversation about the old train station? I think that was the time when we were seeing how thin the comments would get, or if they would actually disappear. :o)

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Yes indeed----The Old Train Station in The Island.
Our comments did finally disapear, didn't they!
They got really, really thin so we started again at the bottom of the page, if I remember correctly. It was fun to see what would happen.