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Future appearances, plus a bit of a gripe

Ewan is scheduled to appear on the following talk shows:

Late Show With David Letterman, February 17
Live With Regis and Kelly, February 19
The Ellen DeGeneres Show, February 23 (so says my TiVo)


In the last couple of days I've finished one book, Under The Dome by Stephen King, and started another, My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. I've found typos in both of them. What's up with that?! There was a sentence in Under The Dome which had clearly been reworded, but the unnecessary words were left in, so basically the sentence was gobbledygook. There were also at least two instances of words left out, which was the case with My Sister's Keeper a few minutes ago. Where are the editors and proofreaders? Sheesh.
I can't wait to see that!! :)

I really hate it when that happens as well (though I mostly notice such things in the translated version - which is one of the resaons why I reverted to reading English most of the time cause it's just most often the original language) - I mean I don't read books to be annoyed becuase of spelling mistakes, do I?
I mean I don't read books to be annoyed becuase of spelling mistakes, do I?
I agree, and it can be so distracting. I don't want to be taken out of the story by typographical errors.

I'm looking forward to all of the talk shows except Letterman. He can just be so sarcastic and nasty. Who knows what inappropriate questions he might ask. Roman Polanski is a very tricky topic these days, you know? I'm going to be awfully nervous watching that show. :-/
Anika----Thanks for the Ewan information.

Three shows to look forward to....
Sounds good to me~~!!
You're welcome, Char. I'm nervous about the Letterman interview - he can be so snarky and nasty - but I'm looking forward to the other two.

Have you seen the new photos from Berlin on the PG? Ewan looks so beautiful.
Yes---I just saw Clare's post and they are gorgeous.

I also posted a gorgeous one and the link to an article
and more... I think some may be the same.

I also posted an great review from "Rolling Stone" magazine.
That's in my jounal.. 3 1/2 stars~~!!!!!

I have never watched Letterman, but I hope he is OK with Ewan.
I hear editors are a dwindling commodity lately. That's a depressing thought, isn't it?