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Number 13

It looks as though Number 13 might actually be happening. It's been in development for a while now so I wondered, but I just read this, which makes it sound like it's going forward. I hope so, because I think it sounds like an interesting story and I'd be chuffed to see Ewan and Emily Mortimer together again; I love her. (Although I highly doubt that custard will play a role.)

10 February 2009 11:01 AM, PST | From wenn.com | See recent WENN news

Legendary director Alfred Hitchcock is to be brought back to life in a movie about his early years. Kung-Fu Panda and Good Luck Chuck star Dan Fogler has signed on to play the heavyweight auteur in Number 13 - alongside British stars Ewan McGregor and Emily Mortimer.

The film is based on the set of Hitchcock's lost and unfinished 1922 movie of the same name, and centres on the death of a lead actor and a love triangle featuring the director and two crew members.

In an interview with Starpulse.com, Fogler reveals he has been immersing himself in Hitchcock's work, so he can become the famous director onscreen.

He says, "I knew the movies that everyone knows, Psycho and The Birds, but I had to do a lot of research with the books.

"I really focused on his early stuff because that's what it's about. It's like Hitchcock in Love, it's about him in his early 20s just finding himself as an artist, as a director.

"It gives you more freedom because people aren't as familiar with young Hitchcock as they are with older Hitchcock. But it's a lot harder in a lot of ways because you have to play his origins. You have to play the seeds of that character everyone knows. It's a fine line."

Shooting will begin later in 2009 and the movie is slated for release in 2011.
Huh. I wonder if Ewan would be the dead actor, or one of the crew members?
Well now, I hadn't even thought of that. I was just assuming he'd be one of the crew members. I hope this won't be another film where they kill him off. I hate when that happens.
LOL-- I just posted something about Number 13, too.
It looks like it may be a go. I know it is posted on IMDb.
I would love to see Ewan with Emily too.

Ewan is one busy boy!!!!
Oh no, did you? I checked my friends page first but didn't see it. Sorry to be a copycat. IMDb is where I got this.

He's incredibly busy! It's kind of insane. I'm loving it, just so long as he doesn't burn himself out.
No problem,Anika---You are not a copy cat. You can post it too.
The more to spread the news, the better...

I am starting to forget what I have posted. Ewan has what, 10 films coming out, in the works, and possibilities!!!

Incendiary -- DVD
ILYPM--- theatre some places
Angels & Demons
The Men Who Stare at Goats
The Ghost
Number 13
The Electric Slide

What fun it will be seeing them all. Yay! Our boy is in demand - I love that.

I just started reading The Ghost tonight, and it's fantastic. I'm only on something like page 47, but I love it already. And get this: The ghostwriter is English. Hopefully they haven't changed his nationality in the script. I'm excited about him being English, because then I won't have to listen to people criticize Ewan's American accent. I get impatient with that because I think it's perfectly fine. Jorge agrees, and he's not biased. :o)
Yes---the more the merrier----He is one busy boy...I wonder what he is up to???

I love to read the books Ewan's films are based on.
Is The Ghost a book that one can get from the library, or would it be for sale in a book store.?
I would love to read it too.

I sure hope they keep the character English. I love to hear Ewan talk in his normal accent, which I can't decide is English or Scottish. I have heard him when he was younger, and I think he has lost some of the Scottish accent. Have you noticed that, or am I imagining it?

And I think his American accents are fine... Not every American sounds the same. We have different accents too. Depends on what part of the country you are from!!!
He must be in Germany by now, wouldn't you think?

The Ghost is recent, from 2007, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding it at the library or any bookstore, I would think. The author is Robert Harris. I think it's very good casting for the movie. I can totally picture Ewan, Pierce Brosnan, and Kim Cattrall as the characters. It's fun to picture them as I'm reading.

I think Ewan has a very cultured Scottish accent, tinged with English from living in London for so long. I like when he thickens up the Scottish. Remember when he said that bit in LWR about having your porridge in the morning and rolled his R's so nicely? I loved that. I know, also, that he put it on thicker for Trainspotting in order to have more of an Edinburgh accent.
Hi Anika---Thanks for the book information. I looked it up on amazon.com and wasn't sure if it was the same book untill I found some reviews on it.
I have a Borders gift care, so I may buy it. I think it comes in paperback...

I think Ewan can thicken his Scottish accent up like he did in The Island, playing Tom Lincoln.. He really poured it on there. Like you said, I think he speaks in real life more of a combination of Scottish and English. And he does the diffenet Englisih accents well too, like in Brassed Off...

When he sang a song for the guys at the cabin in the woods in The Polar Bears of Churchill, he sang a song for the Scottish home land and put his Scottish accent to work...I loved it...
It does; I have the paperback. There you go, you've got a gift card so you're all set. Which reminds me: I've got one myself. I should go to Borders and have a little shopping spree.

Oh, that song was funny! Plus, he cracked me up with his comments when they were going to bed. LOL
OH yes----He was so funny!
He was also funny that way when he and Charley made a practice camping trip in Australia. A funny bit in the one man tent~!
He crackes me up too!!!