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First, from this piece, subtitled Polanski's Berlin Triumph. I very much like the sound of 'getting raves.'

Sunday at the posh Adlon Hotel, a block from the Brandenburg Gate, “The Ghost Writer” and “Howl” held press junkets. I spoke with Ewan McGregor who is getting raves as the Ghost in Polanski’s thriller – “I don’t read reviews, don’t tell me anything” – and asked him whether he felt he was in charge of his career or more a ship on the seas, wafting from wave to wave.

McGregor said he is trying to be more active in seeking out talent that he would like to work with, rather than seeing what comes, and he mentioned Guillermo del Toro as an example of someone whose movies he likes. “So you mean ‘The Hobbit’?” I asked, since it’s been widely announced as Del Toro’s next movie. McGregor, who already has the “Star Wars” trilogy to his credit, had no idea. “I guess I should be trying for ‘The Hobbit’ then.” Maybe he was serious.


Then there's this interesting little bit, from here. Can't picture Ewan as any kind of mountain climber. Not that I have any idea what the story is actually about, I'm just saying.

Trainspotting stars Ewan McGregor and Kevin McKidd are set to reunite on new movie about Mount Everest, it’s been reported.

The Scottish acting duo became stars after Danny Boyle’s 1996 film, which was based in the Edinburgh drug scene.

Now they’re apparently getting ready to appear on screen for the first time together since Trainspotting, and according to the Daily Record will be travelling to Nepal to shoot on location 17,700 ft above sea level at the Mount Everest's Base Camp.
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