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Urban Dictionary

Honestly, this is one the coolest sites ever. I never fail to crack up whenever I read the entries. http://www.urbandictionary.com/

Today's entry is priceless:

When you remember, the morning after, something you said, wrote, did, didn't say, etc., the day before..

'I texted undying love to that chick at the party when I got home.. This morning, I'm having retro-cringe, bigtime..'

Now, while I've never texted undying love to anyone, or in fact ever texted anything at all, I've certainly had retro-cringe more times than I care to remember! How about you?
LMAO---That's a great site. I only read a few of them, but I really like these-

coin wanking----boss sandwich----land it in the Hudson..

It makes for lots of laughs.
Thanks Anika~~!!!
Oh, coin wanking is one of my favorites! How many men have you seen/heard doing that? A lot!

So many of the entries are completely hysterical. Any Internet or blog term you can think of is in there too, so it's a fabulous reference.

You're welcome. :o)
that's hilarious!!! I don't get it much anymore since I found a good anti-depressant. LOL