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Today's a special day!

Today is the birthday of my lovely friend ewris.

Happy Birthday, Pam!

You've been working much too hard recently. Here's what I think you should do today:

Take it easy, get your family to wait on you. Sit back, relax, put your feet up. Rest. Rest a lot, because you've
got presents waiting to be unwrapped and played with.


Don't worry, he only looks like an angel. Go ahead,
unwrap him.

Hmm . . . you might have to hose
him down a bit before unwrapping.

Just a little tug on that towel . . .

Oh dear, looks like he did
the unwrapping himself.

I hope you have a wonderful day, sweetie!
*big hugs and smooches*
Omg, that picture of Huuuuuugh. Unh. My best fella (also my best gay) and I always have a 2 person Oscar party, but this year it is ON. Hugh in A TUX. Homigah.

And Joe. His hotness is so profound it's PAINFUL. Especially since he /does/ look like an angel. *guh*

And Happy Birthday again Pam darling! Mmwah!
I don't normally watch the Oscars any more but this year I will! I can't wait to see Hugh up there hosting, he's gonna be great!

Thank you again sweetie! *hugs*
Which one is Hugh? I don't recognize him. Happy Happy Day Pam!! Take Anika's advice and "take a load off!"
Hugh' s in the towel, but not for long! hehe

Thank you Reba! and yes I'm taking the day off from decorating. *hugs*
*slips under the covers* Mmmmmm you're right he's no angel this one! hehe

*throws water over Christian* there much better now I can molest him!

*tugs Hugh's towel with teeth* mmmmmm! much better!

*slaps Keanu's bum* bad bad boy! I was supposed to do the unwrapping! he does have a nice bum!

Thank you Anika! you fed all my obsessions so nicely! *SQUISHES YOU*
You're entirely welcome. I thought they fit the bill quite nicely! Glad you had fun with them. Hope you didn't wear them out; you could play some more later. *wags eyebrows*

Oooh, did you see the new A&D trailer in HD? http://angelsanddemons.msn.com/#/trailer/1/?icid=MOVIES1>1=MOVIES1 Plus, I just clicked on the letters HD and it entered full-screen mode. Bigger is better! I can't wait!!! Is that Ewan's own accent I hear? He doesn't quite say enough for me to be able to tell.

I hope you're having a wonderful day, Pam! *SQUISHES YOU RIGHT BACK*
*looks around at naked bodies sprawled on floor* No I didn't ware them out *nudges them "get up"* they're fine!

I did I saw it yesterday! isn't it great! I can't wait till May!
I'm not sure about his accent either, I think we'll have to wait till the movie's released to really hear it.
*looks around at naked bodies sprawled on floor*
Oh my god, what an image! *pants*
Isn't it just! and no they have no *pants* LOL

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