It's cute, really :P

Doesn't Ewan have such goggles for his dog, too? (I can reach Ewan from every topic, you see ;)
Awww that's so cute! you know Sid has doggles for riding in the sidecar! LOL
I know! That's where I first heard of them, when Ewan mentioned them. I'd give a lot for a picture of Ewan and his Doggled pooch riding down the street, wouldn't you? :D
haha so cute!! and like some of the others, i immediately thought of ewan's dog Sid too :D lol
I did too. I'd never heard of Doggles until Ewan mentioned them. Aren't they adorable, though?? :)
I love Doggles! My brother's dog Worf, aka Spud, wore them quite proudly. :)

He was. He died a couple of years ago, bless him, but he was a puppy all his life. :)