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The trickle-down effect is striking the DVD too. Received this in my email box this morning:

Dear Customer,

Greetings from Amazon.co.uk.

Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below was changed by the supplier, and we need to provide you with a new estimated delivery date based on the new release date:

Jim Carrey, et al "I Love You Phillip Morris [DVD]"
Estimated arrival date: August 11 2010 - August 17 2010

This is the second time they've pushed back the date. Anika is NOT a happy camper at the moment.
*ssiiiiiigggggghhhhhh* Not that it would do me any good anyway as I don't have a compatible DVD player, but still! GRRR!
It's the changing dates that worries me/pisses me off. I'm worried that they might never release it at all, and if that happens I'll be forced to go postal!
Well I'm sure I don't know why they've changed your delivery date, the release date is still Aug 2nd on the site, how long does it take to ship?!?

Funny thing, I have 6 DVD online stores I buy from (the cheapest always wins) Amazon plus two others say the 2nd of Aug, the other three say 19th July. I'll just wait & see.
Actually, I'm wrong. First the date was early July, then July 23, now August 11. It's not so much the date that bothers me but the fact that it keeps changing. If they don't end up releasing it at all, I'm going to be forced to go postal and take hostages!
That's strange, I don't remember the date being anything other than August the 2nd, well till I checked those other sites this morning with the July date. I'd ignore the emails if I were you, our date hasn't been changed so I really don't know why they're delaying shipping. Calm down dear! there there! LOL
Sorry, I ignored your question. I think it takes a while to ship to us in the States because it probably goes a cheaper route than first class, maybe?
*pouts* I was so hurt! LOL I figured it must take a while to get there, I don't pay postage anyway I always select the free delivery, *is cheap* they're usually pretty good though and arrive on the release date.
How do you select free delivery?? They must then add the postage charge to the cost of the DVD, mustn't they? Someone has to pay, right?
We have a super saver option which takes longer but is free, most of our sites offer free delivery, don't you have the same option there for local delivery. If we want first class or next day delivery then yes we pay for it, it's useful if you need something in a hurry, for new releases I don't see the need to pay because they have them in stock and they're always delivered on the release date, they can't send them out earlier anyway.

I hope that makes sense! LOL

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LOL. No, we have nothing like that. Trust me, we always pay, aside from the occasional free delivery from, say, an eBay seller, but that's extremely rare. From a regular vender like domestic Amazon, there are usually three options: regular shipping, which is reasonably priced and takes longer to arrive; expedited shipping, which gets there quicker and costs several dollars more; and two-day shipping, which arrives (obviously) in two days and often costs as much as, or more than, the item you're buying - in other words, usually not worth the cost.
Keith has a theory, both Amazon UK & Play.com are based in Jersey, that's like a little tax haven, so they don't pay tax or little tax and pass the benefit onto customers, if that's the case it does explain things and the others obviously have to offer the same deal if they have any chance of competing.
Yes, and I'm so NOT the patient type. I've been waiting a year and a half to see this movie! At least. Grrrr.
*grumps along with you*

What about buying the dvd from the UK? It is scheduled to be released on 19th July there...
Huh? Then they haven't updated the date on amazon.de...DAMN! And there I was looking forward to buying it and watchingit with a friend BEFORE I leave for the US.
The release date is August 2nd now.

I'm not so much worried about the actual release date as I am about the fact that this is the third date they've told me. Why do they keep pushing it back? I'm worried that they might not release it at all. *heavy sigh* I'm sure I'm completely wrong, but it's so discouraging. We've already waited SO LONG to see this film.
I am so happy he has a lot other projects as this one has been delayed so much. We will at least get to see him a lot, and hopefully see this before too much longer.

There you are, all calm and patient, and I'm . . . not. I should take a lesson from you! :)
LOL :D. Oh I know what you mean. I am trying to be positive and patient about it, but it is hard. This film has had so much drama with it. Drama that is not necessary either.

Okay, don't yell at me for suggesting it *cowers preemptively*, but since you know you're gonna buy it anyway (as am I, of course), and so technically no profit is lost, no one put out of work, why not just watch it online?

I couldn't stand the wait. Have watched it 3 times already and will probably a few more times since the EFFING DISTRIBUTOR is such a douche of a company.

Just sayin'. *tiptoes away*
Because I swore to myself that I would never, EVER do that, and now my principles are folding like a house of cards. I'm tempted, so tempted. Argh!