huh! he's seen it already.

I hope he's right about other distributors being interest in it though.
Sweetie, the French DVD and blu ray will be released next week. I think you can watch region 2 ? If you want, before you decide anything, I can take a look at it, to see if the subtitles are not hardcoded for the English version like it happens sometimes (and I find it very annoying !). I checked other sites because the amazon one is less than helping in that regard... and it seems good. I know it's not like watching a movie on the big screen but sometimes it's the only solution.
Oh, thank you, darling. You're sweet to think of me. I've actually preordered the region 2 disc from Amazon.UK. It's supposed to be released on August 2. I'm just nervous, not to mention irritated, because that date has already changed a couple of times since I placed my order in April.
that is so annoying for all of your in the US. i hope they manage to get it all sorted out eventually... i'm sure plenty of people would love to see it when it finally arrives in cinemas
I hope so too, because after everyone's hard work it really deserves to be seen! The whole situation is HIGHLY annoying!!! I mean, the film obviously won't be to everyone's taste, but it would be nice if people was allowed to decide for themselves whether they want to see it or not - and we've already waited a year and half! Come ON, enough already. Grrrr.